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This Internet News Agency analyzes mostly US government information and is your trusted source for daily internet news. Contrary to the name of this site we do not want America to become EXTINCT. To prevent that from happening we believe that the truth must be revealed on matters that pertain to key sectors of its society regardless of who it offends.

The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

The information posted here daily lays out the unbiased facts to illustrate what many have come to discover - the US government and the American way of life have been under siege by the media and social elites.

How is this is being carried out?

There is reason to believe that the forces of liberalism, political correctness, globalism, radical Islam and a one world government mindset have been conducting a concerted effort. The information posted here reveals that the American public has been fed inaccurate information for years in an attempt to recreate the American mindset and change the social order.

current US Government information - RECOGNIZING THE CALCULATED deception

Previous daily internet news posts indicate that every election, at every level, since 2008 now verify that  this calculated assault has been going on for some time. In my opinion, only those who are either complicit or comfortable with the status quo won't admit to that because the facts bear this out.

At every level of every segment of our society we are seeing drastic changes and the impact of these changes need to be analyzed apart from the usual bias of traditional media channels for clarity. My desire is to address topics that the media are ignoring or distorting and to provide correct information to Americans to offset the demoralizing news being reported everyday.

don't let your voice be silenced by the cries from the politically correct

The solution to this negative trend in American society will also be presented for you to examine and then post your insight for others to read. Open honest discussion is what is needed rather than having the force of political correctness shutting down anyone who thinks differently.

what you can expect EACH TIME YOU VISIT

If you return often or sign up for my free newsletter here's what you can expect to come across that you might want to know more about:

  • Periodic analysis regarding the true origins of this nation
  • Does America still have a place on the the world stage?
  • Periodic reviews of the status of our military
  • What threats does the US face from other nations?
  • Why do so many Americans blame the US for world problems?
  • Are recent tragedies an omen of worse times ahead for America?
  • A candid look at the President and other politicians
  • Is the Constitution relevant these days?
  • The topic of what many call "Racism in America"
  • Is Christianity really bigoted and hateful?
  • Is Islam just misunderstood, if so, what is the truth?
  • What is really behind the Gay/Lesbian/Transgender movement?
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Just the facts - nothing else

I will purposely avoid being politically correct when I am commenting on all the daily internet news addressed here in this US government information site. Being politically correct is nothing more than an insidious way to silence opposing views, which in most instances is the truth.

Be prepared to have your mindset challenged with truth and hope rather than the usual bias. I hope you will at least consider the truth presented here about our American government system and history with an open mind.

Hopefully you're willing to come out of your comfort zone and even consider slaying some of your sacred cows. I proudly proclaim that the United States is and always has been a nation whose laws were founded on the Mosaic law which acknowledges that our rights do not come from government and therefore can not be taken away by the American  government.

The facts (if you're honest with yourself) support this claim. If you disagree, that's fine, but be bold enough to leave your intelligent comments and links to top internet news sources on this US government information site in the sections provided to support your position.

this is a "politically correct" free zone 

I believe that this US government information website will post top internet news that show how the government has morphed into an elite organization  that no longer carries out the will of the people and has no respect for our Constitution. Why else would those in favor of big government and more social programs dislike, even hate, our constitution so much? 

Conqeuring the Coming Collapse Being Predicted

Because the constitution was designed to keep the power of governing in the hands of the people and to prevent the government from becoming overbearing and growing out of control.

It's no longer possible to discern the ideology of any government official by his/her claim that they are a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. We can't seem to tell the difference any longer.

Could it be that this US government information site and the top internet news posted here will reveal how the enemies of our way of life have infiltrated all levels of government and are now holding key positions in the American government and are bringing about legislation to undo what hundreds of thousands have died to uphold? 

Where do you go from here? 

Whether you're an American citizen or not, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, upcoming events and developments within this nation are worth watching. As the United States goes through profound changes it will continue to impact the rest of the world for better or worse.

Even if you aren't a fan of arguably the greatest nation in the history of mankind or not, there is much to consider when you try to explain how the United States was able to reach the level of prosperity, military power and political influence it has enjoyed.

I don't believe in luck or coincidence when it comes to nations. There has to be more to it than that. Please put aside the biased teachings and indoctrination you received throughout your school years  and let's explore together and discover the truth about this nation and share our opinions.

all viewpoints are welcome here

Whether you're an agnostic, atheist, Baptist, Catholic, Jew  or Muslim, let's discover together in the coming days if the world will again be able to see the United States restored to the glory it was intended for. This can only be accomplished by being first and foremost a nation that doesn't ignore the roots that it grew out of and stays founded on it's core principles.


 Your input during this process is greatly appreciated and will definitely enhance this site. Thanks for visiting this this US government information site to learn more about the American government system and American society from a hope-filled perspective. Please come back often and share your viewpoints on US government information.


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