4th of July

Are we Truly celebrating American Independence with this holiday?

I took my family out to celebrate the 4th of July just as we have for over 20 years. This year however, I noticed a change in the atmosphere when I arrived at our destination to observe the fireworks. There wasn't that celebratory atmosphere in the air.

I didn't see the American flag displayed in the back of pick ups or on the clothing worn.

Interestingly enough we had attended a similar celebration in our neighborhood which was sponsored by the homeowners association. What a difference. There was such excitement in the air and everyone was glad to hear the patriotic songs being played and there were flags everywhere. Why the difference?

Unfortunately, I believe that a transformation in America has been taking place ever so quietly and slowly. It's now taking front and center stage in the lives of residents and many have been caught off guard and aren't doing anything about it.

I was not born in America but I have lived here all my life except for 18 months. Growing up my family always marveled at the greatness of this nation. They talked about it amongst themselves and with folks back home with tremendous awe for the quality of life that was available here.

The conversations I now hear reflect contempt for this nation. Many celebrities, who live very prosperous lives, lives that they would not have had except for the opportunities offered here, travel abroad and speak of their homeland as if they're ashamed of their roots.

The 4th of July and all that it is meant to represent seems to be played down and even avoided altogether. There is such ignorance about the history of this country and the blessings it has enjoyed and offered to many who have come from afar to make it their new home.

Let's forget for a moment that these blessings have been poured out by Almighty God. Consider the fact that... 

Geographically, we have a strategic advantage that has allowed us to live free from fear of invasion from enemies for over 200 years.The only war fought on our soil ended with over 500,000 men dieing and giving us the 13th amendment abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude.

Blessed of God

Our brave men died in two world wars to free the European continent from an aggressive German regime bent on world domination.

The churches of America have sent countless missionaries into 3rd world countries and shared the hope of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and changed countless lives.

Immigrant families have had their futures greatly altered in just one generation after moving to America seeing their children attend college or start successful businesses.

Our constitution has served as a model for many newly formed nations whose people aspired to be free from tyranny. It's writers were not perfect men. They made no attempt to hide this fact. They took this into consideration and this and was the reason why the bar was set so high when it was written. On that 4th of July they wanted this new nation to rise above it's current position and achieve greatness. Without neglecting God as the author of this greatness.

And yet, many look at it with blinders on and only criticize these great men as being hypocrites since they were not achieving what they wrote of. How many of us as parents what more for our children than we accomplished ourselves? Don't we hold the bar high for them only so that they can strive to exceed what we have accomplished?

Where Are We Now?

This 4th of July 2013, I am reminded that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day of thanksgiving for this nation for the blessings which God had bestowed on it. He understood human nature and that we might one day forget and lose appreciation for these blessings. He stated, "we are prone to forget the source from which they come".

American children no longer understand WHY we celebrate the 4th of July or from what country we declared our independence from. Many foreigners living here today certainly don't appreciate the presence of this country in the world today. We have become such a consumer society. Only concerned about what benefits we can derive for ourselves.

American independence means nothing to them simply because they have no understanding how this independence came about from action taken on the 4th of July. It's a haven they enjoy without having to express any form of appreciation. Sort of like living in someone's home because you can't afford your own and yet you don't see or appreciate what the homeowner goes through each week to maintain that roof over your head and then never saying "thank you" or " is there anything I can do to help?".

We are observing the men and women of our judicial branch operating in sheer defiance of God's law and the constraints placed upon it by the document created by the founders of this nation who suspected that such controls would be necessary.

How do We Restore what Has Been Lost?

How do we move forward with a renewed mindset?

Learn the history of what took place in the founding of this nation. Learn of the lives of the men who risked everything to proclaim American independence from King George for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Mayflower Compact

Obtain a copy of the Mayflower Compact of November 11, 1620. It underwrote the establishment of the first colonies and started with the phrase "In the name of God, Amen". In studying this document we learn that this venture was undertaken "for the Glory of God" to establish a government of Law, not man (or King).

Our first President, in the closing comments of his Inaugural address stated,"it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules the universe … that His benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the people of the United States .… No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand, which conducts the affairs of men, more than those of the United States".

Wow! Imagine a U.S. President having the courage to say that in public today.

I don't pretend that America is nation without flaws. However, when you consider the astounding accomplishments of this nation that can be chronicled it's hard to imagine that such a unique bunch of people reached these heights simply because they were so superior to any other society.

I find it easier to consider that some divine intervention played a part in it's success and that this nation was founded upon a vision that it was God's will and therefore out of respect and fear try to obey him. How can we not expect to feel the presence of our nations benefactor and his laws and go on in ignorance? How can we be true to the 4th of July?

Look around you. Look closely at the behavior of Americans. Compare that behavior to the laws and statutes laid down by God. Look at events such as the financial condition of our national wealth, the strength of our military, the increase in natural disasters that are happening in every region of the nation in just the last couple of years, and the inability of men and women in government to work effectively. 

There is increasing evidence of natural catastrophes happening or about to happen such as we've never seen before that can't be ignored that serve as a very powerful testimony to the truth that God is removing his blessings from this nation.

Our world is subject to the laws of cause and effect, obey God's laws and enjoy his blessings, ignore or violate them consistently and suffer the consequences (Deuteronomy 30:19-20). If we continue down this path we will soon find ourselves dealing with a new form of tyranny. Our very own government.

If this truly comes to pass then the American people will once again learn to appreciate the 4th of July and the American independence that people from other nations for so long have admired. That declaration on the 4th of July 1776 was in response to a power that was "taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments".

America, watch carefully because your precious world is being transformed and distorted before your very eyes lest you take action, repent and turn back and place your trust in the Almighty God that first imagined your creation.

Consider the following:

  • citizens and organizations are using the liberal courts to prohibit the preaching of biblical truths regarding gender roles and the sanctity of life in the womb
  • this administration is constantly moving to restrict our right to bear arms
  • courageous people who want to enforce the immigration laws and protect our borders are being ostracized
  • the failure of the Obama administration to defend DOMA and now the ruling of the supreme court in favor of gays and lesbians
  • the death of Americans in the Benghazi incident that has been ignored by the media and the congress

How much more are we willing to ignore and endure until we feel the repercussions? Will we ever again be able to truly celebrate and appreciate the 4th of July? God only knows.

Return to One Nation Under God

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