50 dead in terror attack at Florida 'gay' nightclub - What can you and I do about it?

by Luis Castillo

The country is once again reeling from a terror attack that occurred at a Florida 'gay' nightclub. And what we as Americans are witnessing is posturing from the left and right within our government.

What does this recent attack really have to say about the affairs of our nation? Is there something that we are overlooking? If so, what can we do about it?

This recent terror attack is actually one that is spiritually based but since too many Americans don't have the spiritual "eyes to see and ears to hear" this truth will be discerned. It will be addressed as nothing more than a security issue that politicians will claim they can handle and then they will ask us to stay calm.

What Americans need to do is wise up and realize that there is much more going on than what we are seeing or being told. Since we cannot see everything that our enemy (Yes, I mean Satan) is doing to destroy this nation we should remember that there is one weapon at our disposal that the enemy has no defense against. Our prayers.

No matter how mighty our military may be, if the attacks we are experiencing around the world and now at home are indeed spiritual as I suspect, than we will be defeated.

There is good news, however, and that is what I want to share with my readers. Whenever ancient Israel admitted their guilt and repented God always showed mercy and came to the aid of his people and saved them from their enemy. American should expect no less from their God. We are his people.

Each attack is God's wake up call to America. He does not want this nation to suffer needlessly and end up destroyed by its enemies. However, a turnaround is required. Our leaders, too many of them, in government do not have the spiritual fortitude or moral strength to do what is required.

However, we as a people, if we are willing to humble ourselves and pray for our leaders without ceasing God will move. The bible teaches that faith moves God and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

God is looking for a people who will exercise faith. We have all been given the measure of faith. There is not a single human being who doesn't have faith. It is up to us to learn what he has promised in His word and to remind Him of those promises and to make a demand upon those promises. One such promise is that if we seek Him we will find Him.

America, it is time to seek the face of God. He is not hiding from you. He is hidden for you. He wants to be found by a people who truly love him. In your seeking Him you will once again discover the mystery and glory of God. In finding Him you will learn that he truly loves you and everything he does is out of love for you.

We must take individual responsibility for our daily walk with God.

One person at a time turning to God and this nation will be restored to the glory God has in store for it very quickly. Our relationship with God must be one of intimacy. He cannot be put on the back burner of our lives and then called upon only in times of desperation. That is not the relationship He wants with his people.

Will you take the initiative today to call on His name? Will you dare to take that step of faith and seek him? America needs you. God needs you. He will not turn this nation around without you. He is a covenant God and wants to do things through his people and for his people. Open your bible once again and find God once again.

Call on His name and He will answer. Pray today. God will be listening and he will answer if you are willing to listen.

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Jun 13, 2016
Passionate Prayer
by: Anonymous

Just received this email this morning and it ties in perfectly with what I tried to communicate with my previous message...

"The Sound of a Violent Prayer Rumble"
Jennifer Eivaz, Turlock, CA
It all began in a dream. I had come face to face with a spiritual enemy inside of a nightmare, which then awakened an intense season of spiritual warfare in my life that lasted for three years. That season was so intense that I almost didn't make it through. Nevertheless, the point of breakthrough came on the heels of a "violent prayer."

One evening, while alone in our church's prayer chapel, I experienced a sudden shift. I was simply worshipping the Lord when the Holy Spirit abruptly rose up on the inside of me and took over. Words began to spill out of my mouth that I've never used before in the context of prayer. The demonic spirit that had buffeted me for three years was now being judged and sentenced for destruction (Ps. 149:6-9).

I want to emphasize that this scene was about a spirit, and not a person. I could hear myself releasing the judgment, but it wasn't me who said it. It was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. And, everything did shift after that night. I also watched as God released His angel from Heaven to destroy the spirit that had stood against me. This battle was finally over, and this experience, although violent in nature, expanded what I thought I knew about prayer.

Satan and his demonic cohorts have committed acts of terror against the people of God. The Holy Spirit is ready to pass judgment on the spirit(s) that have stood against them.

There is the coming sound of violent prayer.

Prayer is the Sound that Parts the Heavens

The Israelites had been subjected over and over to hostile takeovers by cruel and merciless nations. God had absolute power to protect His chosen people, but chose not to in these instances. Why? The Prophet Isaiah seemed to almost shout at God in frustration, "Rend the heavens and come down!" (Is. 64:1). Heaven had closed over the Israelites, which meant the blessings of Heaven (i.e. protection, abundance, health, leadership etc.) had been withheld from them (Mal. 3:10). (Photo via publicdomainpictures.net)

Later in the passage, Isaiah shares why Heaven had shut over the nation. He said, "And there is no one who calls on Your name, who stirs himself up to take hold of You" (v. 7). Their captivity was connected to their prayerlessness. They had preferred to pray to idols instead of the one true God – a choice that bound them instead of blessed them.

God has big vision for prayer on the earth! He prophesied through the Prophet Isaiah about the priorities of the modern day Church. "...For My house shall be Prayer, then, becomes the first thing we do. We, the Church, are more powerful in prayer than we think and nations will rise or fall in accordance with our prayers.

It's time to release your sound! It's time to part the heavens! Can you hear the rumble of violent prayer for the nations? It's a prayer that releases angels. It's a sound of divine turnaround.

Strike the Ground!

King Joash came to Elisha weeping over Syrian oppression of Israel. Elisha responds to him with a prophetic command saying, "Shoot the arrow!" After Joash released the arrow, the prophet explained this prophetic act to be Israel's arrow of deliverance from Syria. Elisha instructs him further saying, "Strike the ground!" Joash did so, and struck the ground with arrows three times. He received no applause from the prophet, however, only anger.

"Why did you strike only three times?" the prophet demanded. Apparently Joash had missed the point on the arrows. The king's passive attitude about a prophetic act ended up having spiritual consequences. Apathy had interfered with God's intentions at a crucial moment. Elisha then informed Joash of the future, namely that his assignment would now be incomplete. King Joash would strike the Syrians only three times, which was not enough to destroy them. The Syrians would live to come back and oppress Israel another day.

What did Jesus sound like in prayer? When He interceded, He would pray with vehement cries and tears (Hebrews 5:7). In other words, Jesus wasn't passive, restrained, or apathetic in prayer. He was persistent and passionate!

Our assignment is to pray relentlessly, even violently, for nations, but satan will try to convince us to give up praying. How does he do that?

• He provokes us to be offended at people and nations because offended people stop praying.
• He persuades us to believe bad things happening on the earth must be a sign of the times, meaning a sign of Christ's return to earth, and that therefore we should just accept it. If we think that way, we will fail to challenge patterns of destruction in prayer.
• Satan also tries to convince us God is judging people and nations for their evil, that somehow they have it coming to them, in order to restrain us from praying. There is a day set aside for judgment (see Acts 17:31), but today is not that day.

All of these ideas and more are thrown at us intercessors to distract us from our assignment, which is the redemption of nations and the salvation of mankind.

Jesus taught His disciples about prayer through a parable about a widow and an unjust judge (see Luke 18:1–8). In the parable, the widow insists that she get justice from her adversary and pesters the unjust judge day and night about it. The judge gives in to her demands not because he cares but because he wants her to stop bothering him.

Through this parable, Jesus is teaching us to pray and not ever give up. He also finishes His story with a question: "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (verse 8). That is because faith looks like extreme persistence and becomes a prayer that doesn't quit.

Before there is a revival, there is an intercessor. God is releasing the praying prophets and prophetic intercessors to plow the spiritual ground, to pray the violent prayers, and to prepare the way for the harvesters. There is a coming sound of a violent prayer rumble. It's the sound to shake the nations free.

Jennifer Eivaz, Executive Pastor
Harvest Christian Center, Turlock, CA
Email: Asst2jeneivaz@harvestturlock.org
Website: www.jennifereivaz.com
Blog: www.jennifereivazblog.com

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