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The American Spirit, Issue #023, "God Says to 'Ask!' What Are You Asking For?"
March 24, 2016

"God Says to 'Ask!' What Are You Asking For?" Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

We have much more authority than we think! This article by Amanda Wells of Australia, will help you to realize that...and help you to remember to "ASK" as she shares this word of the Lord from a recent vision:

After the last vision, the Lord then said, "Whatever you ask in My name, I will do, BUT what are you asking for? The reason I delight so greatly in giving what you ask for is so that I am glorified as Father, I will be honored, and My kingly, majestic authority and character will be displayed – and it will be seen through the Son who lives in you, as you are a son! When you ask for something so beyond what is humanly possible, the world must take note. I want My sons and daughters to ASK!"

Are you a son or daughter?! Of course you are... so ask! The Visions: ASK for Reformation, Revival & Resurrection!

For three nights in a row, I had a vision of wave after wave of an awakening flooding over nations, continents, and cities. In the vision, I saw religious and political structures...the Vatican, Canterbury Cathedral, the White House, Westminster Abbey, and the Parliament House in Canberra were literally being shaken in their foundations by the Bride who had awakened. I knew in the vision these were symbolic of what was going to occur in this awakening. This was a picture of the social reform and reforming of religious and political structures which is about to take place.

I saw what looked like tents everywhere, and within the tents were revival meetings. And then two things grabbed my attention: One was the healings and miracles that were too many to count, overflowing out of the tents; and the next was that so many within the tent were exiting with what looked like hunting horns in their hands.

The next part of the vision blew me away: The dead from every nation were being carried into these tents, and there were mass resurrections happening. Angels surrounding them and ministering to them, they rose from the dead and started dancing in the streets.

I awoke with the feeling that not only were they literal revival tents, but that each Believer is a "tent/tabernacle" of the presence of the Lord.

What did it mean? The Lord spoke to me clearly afterward. "There will be revival encounters happening in many locations in the next 18 months." The number 18 excited me, because a Jewish tradition is to give in increments of 18, as it represents a blessed and long "resurrected" life!

Father said, "People will be awakened, and suddenly religious and political structures will be shaken as never seen before... My sons and daughters will hear the clarion call of social justice upon them, and where their voice was once lost among the many voices standing up for ungodly issues of the past, you will see a time when social justice movements begin and succeed quickly by the clear voice of My Bride."

Long ago, in many nations, town criers would sound the hunting horn before making National Decrees made by the King! This is the season to "decree a thing a see it established on the earth."

Father said, "There is a season of miracles I want to release in the nations. I am sending resurrection angels onto the earth now, BUT I need My sons and daughters to ask, ask large, ask the impossible and that which needs the supernatural. I'm waiting!"


Father wants to accurately reveal His nature through our desires and our asking. Father is giving us a promise, and that promise makes Him vulnerable, but He is modeling risk and vulnerability to us, so we can make our asking bigger, riskier, and greater than ever before.

The Final Vision: Speak and Declare What God Speaks and Declares

Last Sunday when I was in worship, I suddenly had a vision of what looked like Sleeping Beauty in a bridal gown on her bed. Although she was one body, I knew that every body was within the one body! Suddenly, I saw Jesus walk over and kiss her, but it was on her mouth ever so softly, and I realized He was showing me the relationship of mouth to mouth.

When Elisha said to Elijah, "Give me a double portion of your spirit," the Hebrew word for portion is Peh, it means mouth or speech. Elisha was literally saying, "Give me a double mouth, a double 'speak.'" We speak in this realm we live in, but God speaks in another realm – another speech or mouth. There are two levels of speak, and Father wants to speak to us in His "speak," which is the declaration of Heaven, and it then becomes our "speak." Will we ask for the double portion or speak?

Suddenly the sleeping bride awoke and arose, and as she did, she no longer spoke the "speak" of the realm of earth, but she was asking, speaking, and declaring how God speaks and declares!

Get Ready for Resurrection Power!

I have been seeing, in every vision, resurrection in large numbers! The stone is being rolled away from dead dreams, and we will see them resurrected – and also we will see the literal dead raised! Resurrection angels have been released and are blowing on the deceased. I heard the Lord say, "I'm transitioning the Bride from revival power to resurrection power...GET READY."

When the corporate Body ASKS to raise the dead in one voice, we will see resurrections like never before. (Photo by Simon East via Wikipedia)

Hosea 6:2b "...On the third day He will raise us up, that we may live before Him."

When revival occurs, there is refreshing, restoration, and a fire that burns within again. During this time, we are going to see profound and deep encounters.

God revives and awakens the body by breathing into it, and then His resurrection power will be seen by all.

It's time to ASK and believe and see an awakening and revival like no other, one that is MARKED by resurrections. These signs can not be denied, and the Lord must be glorified as Father in the earth.

Amanda Wells

Amanda Wells Ministries



Remember, "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world".


Luis Castillo

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