America’s Election and Europe’s New Order - part 2

(United States)

European leaders brace themselves for a Trump presidency.

A Cry for Leadership

The U.S. has done more than provide security for Europe. It has provided leadership. Whenever there has been a crisis in the region—be it Russia, Afghanistan, wherever—the U.S. has taken a leading role. European leaders might have disagreed with or complained about that leadership at times, but they never took the lead themselves.

That era is now ending, which is all the more reason why Europe desperately needs a strongman of its own.

“The phrase ‘leader of the free world’ is usually applied to the president of the United States, and rarely without irony,” wrote historian and Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash. “I’m tempted to say that the leader of the free world is now Angela Merkel” (Nov. 11, 2016).

For Germany to even be considered as an alternative to America reveals a massive geopolitical shift. And Garton Ash is far from being the only one making the connection.

The New York Times published an article titled “Donald Trump’s Election Leaves Angela Merkel as the Liberal West’s Last Defender.” “An increasingly divided Europe is looking to Germany, its richest power, to cope with its many problems,” it said (Nov. 12, 2016).

“Never before has so much ridden on the Germans,” said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Center for European Reform.

The Times noted that Mr. Trump’s anti-NATO rhetoric means “there is pressure on Germany to take a greater role in European security—always a delicate matter” (ibid; emphasis added).

“With the U.S. election results, the pressure on Germany has increased dramatically,” Olaf Boehnke, an expert on international affairs, told the Local. “There is a need for leadership, and if the U.S. will not be the leader for the time being, then everybody looks to other leading nations or those with the potential. It is up to Merkel and to Berlin to step up at least for the European crowd and take on much more responsibility than she already has” (Nov. 9, 2016).

Again, this shove from the U.S. comes as many important voices within Germany are already saying it needs to step up and lead. “In the current crises, Germany has shown that it is willing to take responsibility in security policy,” wrote Defense Minister von der Leyen in a 2016 white paper on German security policy and the future of the Bundeswehr. “We have also shown that we are prepared to take the lead.”

A Momentous Shift

It’s still early, but it’s already clear Mr. Trump’s election is driving a massive wedge between Europe and America. The criticism of him coming from European leaders has been unparalleled.

Ms. Merkel’s conditional message of support for Mr. Trump won much applause. And she was much more restrained in her concerns about Donald Trump than other German leaders:

“I don’t want to sugarcoat it: Nothing will be easier and much will be more difficult.” —Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign minister
“Trump is a warning to us as well. He is the harbinger of a new authoritarian and chauvinistic international movement.” —Sigmar Gabriel, vice chancellor
“The world won’t end. It will only get crazier.” —Heiko Maas, justice minister
Mr. Trump is “completely inadequate” to be president. “That Trump’s election could lead to the worst estrangement between America and Europe since the Vietnam War would be the least of the damage.” —Norbert Röttgen, chairman of Germany’s parliamentary committee for foreign policy
Clearly a lot of the emotion surrounding Mr. Trump’s election will soon fade. The United States remains a superpower, and European leaders will not refuse to cooperate with that superpower merely to spite Donald Trump.

Former President George W. Bush was not at all popular in much of Western Europe, and the public animosity toward him endured. France’s and Germany’s refusal to support his invasion of Iraq was a clear break between Europe and America. That European dislike and that refusal were both symptoms of significant and fundamental differences between Mr. Bush and European leaders. The same is true with Mr. Trump. European leaders’ stinging response to the U.S. election reveals a deep divide between the two power blocs.

It is also true that Europe has “Trumps” of its own. Some leaders in Eastern Europe and challengers in the West draw on similar rhetoric. However, such similarities are unlikely to result in abiding friendships with America. No matter how similar France’s “Trump” may be to the U.S. president, it’s clear that a leader whose motto is “America First” will never have a deep, harmonious relationship with one whose modus operandi is “France first.” If America and Europe are not united in upholding free trade and liberal values, what common interests hold them together?

Furthermore, there is much about Mr. Trump’s rise that is uniquely American. It seems unlikely that a man who sits on a golden throne and boasts about his humility will ever win favor from European leaders.

“Europeans should show that they are able to hedge their bets and build alliances with others,” wrote Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

“Rather than waiting for Trump to marginalize the EU over Russia and China, Europeans should fly some kites of their own,” he wrote. He asked if Europe should reach out to China and perhaps end its arms embargo.

The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) called for Europe to distance itself from America even before the U.S. election. In an October 2016 analysis, it warned that Europe was completely dependent on America regarding foreign policy. The government, it wrote, needs to “ponder the reaction, should U.S. behavior become counterproductive from a German perspective.”

“Without the will to argue with the U.S. government, many options for gaining influence are excluded from the outset,” SWP continued. Instead, “Germany and Europe should not leave stability policy proposals up to the U.S.A.”

This highly influential think tank already wanted Europe to be willing to “argue with the U.S. government.” Again we see how Mr. Trump’s election is ACCELERATING an established trend.

This is leading to a complete break between Europe and America—something that seven decades of U.S. leadership has tried to prevent.

Accelerating World Events

Donald Trump’s election is accelerating some of the most vital prophetic trends the Trumpet has followed for decades.

Warning about the cooling of relations between Europe and the U.S., Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in October 2014 that this “is a significant development. It is about the dismantling of a relationship that has helped to preserve peace in Europe for nearly seven decades!”

He continued: “Bible prophecy warns that a German-led European empire is going to rise up. We have said for over 50 years that it will probably be more powerful than both America and Russia!

“The age of American global leadership is drawing to a close. While the Germans might not come out and say so, they are reveling in that fact. The U.S. may try and repair relations with its former lover, but irreversible damage has already been done. The breakup, which started with the spying scandal, is going to continue to worsen until one of America’s greatest allies since World War II becomes, once again, its greatest enemy!”

“What makes the German-American split especially important is this: It is exactly what biblical prophecy told us would happen!” Mr. Flurry wrote. He elaborated on one of those prophecies, in Ezekiel 23, which describes America and Britain as having a lover-type relationship with the modern Assyrians—Germany—a relationship that will end with a massive double cross.

This German-American split is clearer than ever—and will accelerate further in the coming months.

We have said for decades that Germany will lead Europe. And we have warned that the EU would develop a common military. In 1978, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “The Europeans are far more disturbed about their safety in relying on United States military power to protect them than Americans realize! The United States is not loved in Europe. European confidence in U.S. protection against their next-door Communist neighbor has been lessening and lessening.

“EUROPEANS WANT THEIR OWN UNITED MILITARY POWER! They know that a political union of Europe would produce a THIRD MAJOR WORLD POWER, as strong as either the United States or the USSR—possibly stronger!” (Good News, Aug. 28, 1978). That applies more than ever to Europe today! Europeans are, right now, saying almost exactly that!

Meanwhile Mr. Trump’s election is building the sense of crisis in Europe. The whole continent is crying out for strong leadership. Germany is the strongest nation, but Chancellor Merkel is isolated and has proved that she is not the leader for the job. We have forecasted for years that this will lead to the rise of a strong leader within Europe.

It’s clear that when Mr. Armstrong was writing in 1978, he expected to see this European military power within his lifetime. It did not happen on the timescale he anticipated. But world events are moving forward at a dramatic pace, and the election of Donald Trump will accelerate them greatly.

Bible prophecy is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Already Herbert W. Armstrong’s decades-old forecasting has been proven right on Brexit. You need to become familiar with what he wrote—it is filling more and more of your newspaper headlines.

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Nov 30, 2016

by: Luis

Hello Europe and Asia,

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