America’s Next President Will Be In Over His Head - part 2

by Joel Hilliker
(United States)

The next American president will face a drastically altered economic landscape. His term could well be consumed with trying to survive the vortex of related trends sucking the economy down: sagging stock market, falling home prices, mounting job losses, failing corporations. The bounce in the dollar—caused not by a stronger U.S. but by a weakened global economy—will prove temporary; inflation will increase; consumer spending will slump. To finance his grand plans, the next president will need cash. But he will face increasingly miserly foreign lenders; as America’s credit risk grows, their premiums will go up. Higher interest rates will create additional problems: less corporate spending, fewer home buyers, anemic consumerism. The president’s other option—printing money—will further hollow out the dollar’s value. He will find it impossible to spend the nation out of recession simply because of its already historic indebtedness.

It is difficult to calculate the pressures these economic woes will put on the already strained social integrity of this nation. The next president will face far more significant social problems than his predecessor did. Unemployment, inflation, recession, food shortages—these will find corollaries in the fracturing of families and neighborhoods, the increase in substance abuse, domestic violence and urban crime. Consider as well the economy’s unprecedented dependence on alien workers, and how the levels of immigration have weakened social cohesion and created pockets of hostile foreigners within the nation. Racial tensions are rising and could well be compounded by the outcome of this election, regardless of who wins.

And as much as the next president would like to restore America’s former prestige in industry, science and technology, he will not be able to do so by pledging additional money—if it could be found—to attract better teachers and improve education. The younger generations are suffering measurable deficits in emotional maturity, intellectual capacity, work ethic, self-sacrifice, ambition and will. These crippling problems have a number of causes that America has rendered itself incapable of confronting, including societal moral decline, sloth, and family breakdown. On top of these is the sense of entitlement and complacency produced by socialistic governmental programs—a malaise that cannot be remedied by more government programs.

Compounding these problems, the next president will find himself struggling with the irrefutable uptick in environmental disasters. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency statistics, Ronald Reagan saw an average of 23 major disaster declarations each year he was president. His successor saw 39 each year. Bill Clinton dealt with an average of over 47. President Bush has seen 54 annually. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike brought this year’s total, only halfway into September, to 56. That’s a new disaster requiring governmental intervention every 4.6 days. The drain on federal resources is growing greater all the time. And those figures don’t even include the far-reaching drought that, along with widespread flooding, has ravaged food production in the U.S.

The presidential candidates, though they may differ with some of these specifics, nevertheless accept the general premise that the nation’s problems are worse than ever. In response, they each say, That makes it all the more important that you vote for ME. It’s because of all those troubles that this is, in fact, the most important election of our lifetime. I’m the only man who can CHANGE things!

But there is a darker reality that both candidates and their supporters, caught up in the commotion of the campaign, are ignoring.

The reality is that the next president will be taking the helm of a cursed nation.

The United States in Prophecy

You can already see most of the problems described above besieging America. People want to believe that a new president will reverse the trends. If he doesn’t, it seems clear that he will be overwhelmed by problems.

But when you look at what the Bible prophesies for America in the near term, the true horror of the picture emerges.

The scenario we’ve already looked at is forecasted in the Bible to continue—and get far worse. Prophecy shows that the economic, moral and familial failures will keep trending downward. The weather disasters will grow more frequent and more catastrophic. The pressures on food supplies will intensify. Immigration- and race-related hostilities will heat up and explode into violence. The national loss of vigor and willpower will become even more obvious. Not only that, these issues will be compounded by still more crushing crises, including devastating disease epidemics, more lethal terrorist attacks, pestilence and famine.

In addition, God prophesied the loss within America of strong, masculine leaders to shepherd the nation through such tribulations (Isaiah 3:1-4). The resulting national weakness and wreckage will leave America imminently vulnerable to the prophesied nuclear attacks by a foreign nation that leave cities without an inhabitant (Jeremiah 4:7)—and the subsequent national captivity. For a thorough scriptural study of how these prophecies apply to the United States, and to see the ultimately inspiring reason for which God is bringing them to pass, request a free copy of Herbert W. Armstong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy.

This is how the Bible describes America’s coming days. These are the curses progressively befalling this nation that has turned itself so completely away from the God who gave it such abundant blessings.

This sequence of curses is already beginning to ravage the United States at an accelerating tempo. Exactly how much will occur during the next presidential term is not certain. What is certain, however, is that the curses will not lighten up. They will only grow worse.

The only question is how quickly.

But thankfully, that is not the end of the story.

As surely as the Bible prophesies of America’s demise, it foretells of its ultimate replacement by a righteous government that will—at long last—fulfill that perennial promise of politics. Biblical prophecy contains the advance warning to all the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first-country-second governments of this weary Earth: Change is coming.

“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever” (Revelation 11:15).

That truly is change you can believe in.

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