America’s worst foreign-policy debacle - A closer look

by Gerald Flurry
(United States)

Earlier this year, the United States implemented its nuclear deal with Iran. “Implementation Day” fell on January 16, an interesting date on which several major world events have occurred.

On January 17, a day later, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the deal a “golden page” and “turning point” for his nation. How true that is! Iran was hemorrhaging financially because of Western sanctions. But the nuclear agreement gave Iran access to $150 billion as the U.S. released its frozen assets.

The same day, President Barack Obama said, “This is a good day, because once again, we’re seeing what’s possible with strong American diplomacy.” He said, “From Presidents Franklin Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, the United States has never been afraid to pursue diplomacy with our adversaries. And as president, I decided that a strong, confident America could advance our national security by engaging directly with the Iranian government.”

This nuclear deal did the opposite of advancing America’s national security! It didn’t make the world more secure, but far more dangerous!

“The real story of Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016—‘Implementation Day’ of the Iran deal—was that it marked a historic inflection point in the geopolitics in the Middle East,” wrote Charles Krauthammer. “In a stroke, Iran shed almost four decades of rogue state status, and was declared a citizen of good standing of the international community, open to trade, investment and diplomacy. This, without giving up or even promising to change its policy of subversion and aggression. This, without having fortified its status as the world’s greatest purveyor of terrorism” (Washington Post, January 21).

And who was it that made it possible, most of all? The United States of America.

For some reason, even though Iran is a sworn terrorist-sponsoring enemy, the Obama administration aggressively wanted this deal. To ensure nobody interfered with it, Mr. Obama and his administration used the National Security Agency to find out what members of Congress were thinking and saying and trying to do. They also spied on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They wanted to make certain nobody stopped them from removing the crippling sanctions that were causing Iran such trouble and slowing down its nuclear activities.

Ben Rhodes, one of the president’s speech writers, bragged about how he had deceived journalists and policy wonks, whom he called “the Blob” in an interview with the New York Times. The White House was determined to ram the nuclear deal through without Senate approval or even public support, and it devised and executed an elaborate propaganda campaign to do so. This all came to light months later, but people don’t seem to care just how deceitful and lawless this administration is!

President Obama also said in that January 17 speech, “Whereas Iran was steadily expanding its nuclear program, we have now cut off every single path that Iran could have used to build a bomb.” That is absolutely false. Since “Implementation Day,” Iran has accelerated its nuclear activities. The deal allows Iran to build a bomb openly within 15 years, and a secret provision actually opens the door even earlier than that.

But that’s not all this administration did around January 16. On August 3, the Wall Street Journal reported more shocking news about what the Obama administration did the very next day after implementing this disastrous deal.

Read more at...https://www.thetrumpet.com/article/14179.2.189.0/world/war/americas-deadly-nuclear-deal-with-iran

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