Anthony Weiner

A Reflection of our National Character ?

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is once again in the national spotlight as he campaigns for the office of the Mayor of New York city. And once again his problematic behavior involving sexting to numerous females is an issue that is being discussed. 

anthony weiner

It's especially problematic since he is also married to former Hilary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

In this most recent scenario Anthony Weiner has had to address the issue of whether or not occupying public office is appropriate for someone who obviously is addicted to such inappropriate behavior.

It appears that he believes that how a person conducts themselves privately is of no consequence with regard to the position they hold publicly. He was recently asked if he would hire a schools chancellor or a police commissioner with the same sexting addiction as his.

His response gives us insight to nature of this mans moral character and thus his moral reasoning. “People have their personal lives. If it is unconnected to their professional duties, of course, I’m not going to judge someone’s personal life,” Weiner said.

There appear to be many who are beginning to hold him accountable for his unchanging behavior. During a a stop in Staten Island a former school administrator asked him a question I'm sure he did not want to deal with. “I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in the city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of me,” the retired teacher said.

Wow. Talk about a shot out of nowhere. I say nowhere because so many of our elected officials now believe that their conduct in private is no one's business and has no bearing on their performance in public office and that we have no right to hold them accountable.

Remember former President Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky? Democrats just couldn't understand why anyone would be concerned with this man's conduct in the oval office. Seeking to hold him accountable for his lapse in moral judgement was seen  as nothing more then a witch hunt.

clinton lewinsky

This is neither a Republican or Democrat issue. It is effecting our entire nation and we as a people need to avoid dismissing such conduct from our elected officials simply because we don't want to be seen as judgmental.

But one must wonder why we do allow it to go on and how we have reached this point in America.

I suggest that what is being made public more frequently with regard to the conduct of these public officials is merely a reflection of what goes on in the lives of too many Americans. As such, we don't want to point the finger at any of these individuals lest we be seen for what we truly are...hypocrites.

If we look closely enough we'll find more public officials participating in behavior that we ourselves would not want our friends or family to know about.

How many of us have lied on our resume, stolen from our employer, cheated on a spouse, frequented websites that we would not allow our children to visit, lied to associates just to move ahead in our careers? If we're honest with ourselves we would freely admit that such conduct would be a reflection of the true nature of our moral character.

In such honest moments, would we then continue to turn a blind eye to the behavior of Anthony Weiner and others? Does it really matter?

What does it mean to be in leadership? Is there a higher standard for those who hold such positions? Why? If so, then what would it require of us?

A unit is always in need of a leader. He or She assumes the responsibility knowing full well what is expected of them. They are called upon to exhibit character and actions that we strive to emulate. Such action that will benefit the group as a whole.

Avoiding the Anthony Weiner Mindset

Parents lead their children by demonstrating traits such as honesty, courage, love, responsibility, and self-sacrifice. Team captains lead by showing up on time for practice, performing the required drills with excellence, encouraging the rookies who are struggling, performing during the game in ways that will lead to victory rather then enhancing their personal stats.

Leaders in government are no exception. This is a position that should be entered into because we seek to serve our fellow countrymen and improve the state of our community and our nation. It is not meant for those who seek power for their personal benefit or that a small group. Persons of high moral character are desired for such positions. These are the individuals who can handle the demands.

servant leadership

In such cases they are to be servant-leaders. Thinking of others first. The likes of Anthony Weiner are obviously not befitting of such responsibility. The Anthony Weiners of the world along with their wives seek only to move up the next rung on the political ladder to promote their own agenda.

By allowing such men and women to occupy political office we betray ourselves and should not wonder why are nation is the shape that it's in.

If we allow their conduct to continue unchecked then these individuals truly become a reflection of who we are, of our national character. And if that be the case then shame on us. We then must accept the fate that awaits us.

America, ask yourself, is Anthony Weiner the type that you want in office representing your interest and looking out for your welfare? If he is your choice then be prepared to serve the likes of him at every level of government.

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