corruption in politics

Revealing how extensive corruption in politics had become in America is one of the wonderful by-products of the 2016 Presidential election that was provided to the American people. As much as the media tried to keep our focus on Donald Trump, thanks to Wikileaks and other sources, we were given a behind the scenes look at how corrupt things really were.

corruption in politcs

MEdia influence in politics

There's no more denying it. As a result of the infamous personal server of Hillary Clinton and the deleted emails of confidential material we now know was actually handled by her there was a real attempt to cover this up. To make matters worse the media was unashamedly complicit in ignoring what any credible news agency would have typically investigated as they should have on behalf of the America taxpayer.

Instead of being the watchdog of the American people that keeps on eye on our government they have taken a left turn, no one know when for sure, and have been in collusion with a radical effort to transform the nation from top to bottom.

media influence in politics

what option do we have with so much corruption in politics?

We are not a helpless population. Need I remind everyone of the Boston Tea Party? In today's information age and virtually unlimited access to the internet we can track down just about anything we want or need.

I recommend that we all do our due diligence in finding out the truth for ourselves. It's not that hard. Once you find what can be considered "truth" and not just "facts" then share it. Hopefully you'll do that here like so many others have.

Here are some steps you can take to bypass the corruption in politics that we are now seeing exposed like never before:

  • learn for yourself about the true history of this nation
  • actually learn what the constitution says as well as the Bill of Rights
  • learn how the government works; what each branch is empowered to do
  • do you know what each party's platform actually reads?
  • think for yourself, don't just turn on the TV and listen to the talking heads

There is no reason to be deceived on major issues any longer. When I worked in retail they taught me how to identify a counterfeit bill by spending a good deal of time examining a real bill. This way as soon as a fake one came across my path I could easily identify it. The same logic can be applied to overcome corruption in politics. Know the truth about every major issue from abortion to waging war.

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