Is the U.S. Presence still needed (welcome) on the world stage?

(United States)

The United States has a reputation for driving the course of world affairs — but it doesn’t necessarily deserve it.

Does U.S. foreign policy matter? Of course it does, but how much?

These days, both proponents and critics of America’s omnipresent role in the world tend to portray U.S. foreign policy as the single most important factor driving world affairs. For defenders of global activism, active U.S. engagement (including a willingness to use military force in a wide variety of situations) is the source of most of the positive developments that have occurred over the past 50 years and remains critical to preserving a “liberal” world order. By contrast, critics of U.S. foreign policy both at home and abroad tend to blame “U.S. imperialism,” the “Great Satan,” or mendacious Beltway bungling for a host of evil actions or adverse global trends and believe the world will continue to deteriorate unless the United States mends its evil ways.

Both sides of this debate are wrong. To be sure, the United States is still the single most influential actor on the world stage. Although its population is only about 5 percent of humankind, the United States produces roughly 20 to 25 percent of gross world product and remains the only country with global military capabilities. It has security partnerships all over the world, considerable influence in many international organizations, and it casts a large cultural shadow.

The United States, in short, is hardly the “pitiful, helpless giant” that Richard Nixon once feared it would become. At the same time, it deserves neither all of the credit nor all of the blame for the current state of world politics. Let’s unpack these competing claims and see where each one goes astray.

For defenders of the U.S.-led “liberal world order,” America’s global role is the source of (almost) All Good Things. As Samuel P. Huntington put it more than 20 years ago, U.S. primacy is “central to the future of freedom, democracy, open economies, and international order in the world.” Or as Politico’s Michael Hirsh once wrote (possibly after one too many espressos), “the role played by the United States is the greatest gift the world has received in many, many centuries, possibly all of recorded history.”

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Sep 15, 2016

by: Luis

This article is a fair assessment of the role and impact of the U.S. in world affairs.

One critical factor is left out. Nations rise and fall as God has scheduled them to do. Also, God's purposes for each nation will not go unfulfilled. Israel is a key example. Regardless of how many times foreign powers attempted to wipe Israel off the face of the planet it somehow has survived. Well, not "somehow", but rather the hand of God is indeed upon this nation.

I am a believer that America is also one of those nations that God has destined to play a key role in bringing the gospel to the world and is also the greatest source for the world in regards to humanity living as God intended it to. No, America in not perfect, neither was King David of ancient Israel, but the bible called him "a man after God's own heart" nonetheless.

My final assessment is that God is not finished with America. He is reaching out to the people of America to turn their hearts back to him so that he can once again pour out his blessings so that America can be a blessing to the world- Especially in these last days as end-time prophecy foretells of very troubling times.

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