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How the U.S. and ISrael are linked

israel u.s. relations

One bit of Israeli news that Americans should be aware of is that their past, present and future are linked. How so? The church, the Gospel, prophecies and most importantly Jesus Christ. He is the one that it is all centered on and points to. He is the common denominator that binds the two nations together.

There are many events taking place this 21st century that should be watched very carefully. However, these events will only make sense in light of the past of these two nations and the prophecies that have been made about the Church and Jesus the Messiah.

This section Israeli news is my attempt to highlight these events, past, present and future to hopefully encourage many of you and to stir up and awaken others. I am by no means an authority on this subject but what I do know does cause me to want to know more and be more attune to events as they unfold and as they relate to biblical prophecy.

U.S. and israeli news in the past

I don't know of anyone who isn't familiar with the Exodus story especially with all the movies that have been produced based on this historic event. To briefly recap, in Genesis 5:13, God tells us that He would bring the descendants of Abraham out of a strange land and back to the Promised Land after 400 hundred years. 

This time span can be broken down as follows:

  • Abraham to Moses fleeing from Egypt was 360 years
  • Moses watching flocks in the wilderness for 40 years
  • God inflicting the 10 plaques, about 25-50 days
  • The Exodus from Egypt, within 24 hours

God carried out his promise o the very day. Unfortunately, the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah predicted the Babylonian captivity years before the actual invasion. 

Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jewish people scattered in the year A.D. 70

It was 1878 years from the destruction of the temple to the restoration of Israel as a nation in 1948. The prophet Ezekiel saw a vision called the valley of dry bones. Many scholars believe that this was referring to the Holocaust or how the Jews would survive and return to their home land becoming a united nation and greater army.

The Gentile nations involved in World War 2, particularly the United States, felt compassion for the Jews after the Holocaust, and the United Nations partitioned Palestine for a Jewish state, called Israel. According to Israeli news this fulfilled Isaiah 66:8, where the prophet predicted that a nation would be born in a day.

the palestine post

At the same time in 1948, a great healing and restoration revival broke out in the U.S. and continued for seven years until 1955. This was considered by many Christians to be one of the latter rain outpourings, mentioned in Joel 2:28-29.

As I was researching this subject I came across an Israeli news writing claiming that in 1669 Nathaniel Morton, the secretary of Plymouth Colony, referring to those coming to America as "the seed of Abraham his servant, and the children of Jacob his chosen..." How is this of any significance you ask?

With the exception of Israel, no other nation other than America, has acquired such large masses of land in a short time and gained world influence and power in such a brief time span. No other country in modern history has built such a large spiritual foundation, based on biblical principles, supporting the gospel around the world, as has America.

The word of God revealing Jesus Christ is what ties the two nations together. In Israeli news we learn that as Israel was faithful in obeying the laws of God it lived a blessed life prospering like no other nation around it at the time. As America grew spiritually it also experienced the blessings of God, Shaddai, the name of God that serves as an acronym for "Guardian of the doorways of Israel". God has also been America's guardian.

When we recognized these biblical principles in our society rather then shunning them, as we see happening today, we were not as prone to live corruptly and in violation of God's standards. The same conditional promises that God made to Israel were available to America and is the reason for it's unparalleled success.  

Our obvious departure from these standards is the reason we are seeing the decay of our society in the 21st century. We can learn much from Israel's mistakes and gain much hope from observing what transformed when Israel repented according to Israeli news.

America is blessed because of israel

Ever since the restoration of  Israel there has existed a special relationship between the two nations. Our ties to Israel have been a source of unknown blessings to us as a nation and we need to be mindful of that. As per Israeli news Israel is a nation chosen and set apart by God to represent Him and carry the Gospel to the world. Because of it's failure to recognize Jesus as their Messiah despite all the prophecies that He fulfilled the blessings that were set apart for Israel have been poured upon America.

genesis 12:3

 In a sense we are what Israel should have been to the world.

One of the promises that we have been benefactors of is found in Genesis 12:3, "...I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.."

Because of America's support of Israel since 1948 we have experienced unprecedented blessings. As a result of our Christian principles, which are based on the God's laws given to the Jewish people, we feed the hungry and bring relief in famine stricken third-world nations to an extent unmatched by other nations.

We invest in digging freshwater wells, building orphanages, and ministering to the poor. Because of special favor from God upon those who care for the fatherless and widows, believers in Christ are actively involved in assisting those who are suffering.

America has been blessed and is unique (no matter what liberals and others say) because of its faith in the bible and the New Testament Christian principles. Again, these are principles derived from the laws of God handed down to the Jewish people.

Israel's enemies have always known that Israel was not alone. Even if they didn't believe in Israel's God they believed that America would support Israel and come to its defense if it were ever attacked. America has never been directly involved in any of Israel's wars but we have always provided support in the form of technology, military intelligence, financial aid, and defended Israel in world political arenas.

Without a doubt this support has not been overlooked by God. Even though we have not been a perfect nation, because of God's grace, we have avoided feeling the full impact of our poor judgement when we violated His word.

U.S. and israel's future

america and britain in prophecy

I have very limited space to make a thorough defense of my position that the U.S. and Israel are linked in more ways than one. But if you are willing to conduct an unbiased research into the history of both countries you'll find that there is enough data available to cause anyone to reconsider their position if they ever had doubts. As far as the future of these two countries is concerned we have to look at the prophetic books of the bible to learn of their connection. I highly recommend getting a copy of the book I've displayed above, "The United States and Britain in Prophecy" by Herbert Armstrong. 

You can get a free copy by going to the Trumpet website.

Most scholars agree that God's timetable is linked to Israel. If you want to know what God is about to do just look at what is happening in and to Israel as per Israeli news. I mentioned earlier that in Isaiah 66:8, the prophet predicted that a nation would be born in a day, and Israel is the only nation that has been able to fulfill this prophecy from God.

Unfortunately, scripture also reveals that in the "last days" there would be a departure from the usual closeness that these two young nations have grown accustomed to. As a result many things would take a different course for both of them.

It has been especially evident with the Obama administration that the nation of Israel has not been afforded the treatment that it has received from previous Presidents according to Israeli news. Although Obama gives the appearance that the U.S. is still in support of Israel it's actions loudly proclaim otherwise to anyone who is willing to listen intently.

The Obama administration has shown more interest in reaching out to and pleasing Muslim nations. This is clearly seen in its desire per Israeli news to coerce Israel into giving up more land to the Palestinians without any concessions from the Palestinians with regard to Israel's safety concerns. It either doesn't understand or doesn't care about the concerns Israel has to secure its borders from future attacks from within the territory controlled by the Palestinian government.

More harm has been done to U.S. Israel relations during the Obama administration then during all previous administrations combined according to Israeli news. The presence and credibility of the U.S. in the middle east has, in my opinion, been dealt irreparable harm by this administration. All this has taken place, I believe, as foretold in biblical prophecy.

What has not taken place yet is the complete isolation of Israel from the U.S. and the rest of the world. As this country continues to pull away from Israel and allows it to stand alone against the aggressive Muslim groups such as ISIS and ISIL the further we will draw away from God. Eventually America will see it's government completely taken over by a radical liberal group that will bring God's judgement.

As you look around and read all the headlines from Israeli news you can see that there is an aggressive agenda being implemented by radical liberals that is intended to turn all the conservative values that built this nation on it's ear. As these conservative values are marginalized and eventually demonized the transformation of America into a secular nation will become complete.

God's grace and patience will eventually run out and we will be left without His protection. As for Israel, God has promised that He will always watch over this nation and will not allow the hostile nations to have their way. He has never failed to hold up his end of the covenant so Israel's future is secure no matter how bad things get.


Our desertion of Israel is an unfortunate event that will usher in an era of unprecedented turmoil upon our very soil. Things that we never thought possible we will soon see take place according to Israeli news. 

Things that we never thought possible we will soon see take place according to Israeli news. Our enemies will be attacking us from within our very midst and will even be found infiltrating our very own government.

This harm, I believe, can be minimized as a result of a remnant of believers that continue to pray for the safety and deliverance of America. That is my motivation for developing this site. Please visit this site often or sign up for my newsletter to stay current with what is happening along with my insight and analysis of current events.

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