Limbaugh: Dems to impeach Trump with voter fraud at top of list

by Joe Kovacs
(United States)

Donald Trump has not even been inaugurated into office yet, but radio host Rush Limbaugh is predicting a concerted effort by Democrats to impeach him from the presidency.

“I don’t have any doubt that there’s going to be a Democrat effort to impeach Trump,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Monday.

And even without any high crimes or misdemeanors committed by the president-elect, Limbaugh said opponents of the Republican will choose another route to push for his ouster.

“I think at the very least, the Democrats are gonna put voter fraud on their list of particulars for impeaching Trump,” he explained.

“They’re already beginning now to establish the evidentiary chain, and one of the elements of this is going to be that he’s illegitimate, that he really didn’t win.”

“They’ve got this popular-vote margin they keep focusing on of 2.1 or 2.2. million votes now showing Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton ahead, and they’re gonna say is, ‘That’s just too big to ignore.'”

“The overall theme is that Trump’s election is not legitimate,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re not gonna say it was unfair. They’re gonna say it was not legitimate. Therefore, Trump is illegitimate; therefore, his presidency is illegitimate; therefore, his agenda is illegitimate because the people really didn’t select this.”

He remarked that CNN just published a poll claiming more than 80 percent of voters want Trump and other Republicans in government to incorporate policies promoted by Democrats into their governance.

Limbaugh said the poll, along with calls for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, is “coordinated” by those on the political left.

“It’s either from the Hillary campaign or from the Obama White House or from some combination of Democrat strategists and community organizers, malcontents and what have you,” said Limbaugh.

“It won’t be long, I predict, that voter fraud will be accepted as a fact by the media,” he added. “Nothing with them is happenstance. Everything’s polled. Everything’s focus-grouped. It’s tested.”

And even if Trump holds onto his victory, Limbaugh said those on left have other motives at work.

“At the least, if everything in it goes wrong, they’re still gonna end up raising tons of money from unhappy, deranged lunatic leftists who have been made that way by the Democrat Party and the media. And they’re gonna promise them that with every donation, they get closer to unseating Trump, or to nullifying Trump or negating Trump.”

Limbaugh also flayed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for pushing the recount mantra, and continuously hiking the financial amount needed for the effort.

“She started out saying she would need a million-and-a-half dollars to do the recount in three states. And as donations kept coming in, the amount of money she said she needed kept increasing,” he explained. “Now she needs $7 million. … The more money she gets, the more money she says she needs. It’s clearly a scam. … Democrats are writing checks left and right. Democrats are being scammed by the people responsible for their loss. It’s an amazing thing to see.”

Limbaugh claimed that those on the left pushing for recounts are guilty of blatant hypocrisy:

They’re also going nuts over Trump tweeting the idea that millions of illegal aliens voted, and if you take those votes out he’s probably gonna win the popular vote. … The Democrats are acting like, “Oh, my God, they’re accusing fraud? There’s no evidence of any fraud.” These are the people before the election were running around claiming there already was fraud.

These are the people before the election were warning of it, and they were telling everybody be on the lookout for it. They had their lawyers at all the polling places. They were expecting fraud. They use fraud. They have perfected it. They opposed voter ID so that they can engage in it. And now, all of a sudden, when Trump references the possibility, these people, “No, no, no. This election was clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.” Except, except now they want to look at maybe recounting in three states where they can’t find any evidence of chicanery, they can’t find any evidence of tampering.

And yet they must think there was some or they wouldn’t want these recounts. And yet when Trump alludes to possible fraud, they laugh at it and mock it and say it’s ridiculous, while at the same time they’re trying to find it. Of course, not their own. The don’t want to find the evidence of illegal aliens voting. No, no. They want to find discrepancies between machine tabulations and paper ballots, and they want to look at these variations, if there are any, and claim the machines were tampered with by the Russians. …

These people are deranged. I think they’re out of their minds. They’ve literally lost their minds. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re talking, they’re flapping just to hear their heads rattle. They have no semblance of substance in anything that they are talking about now, and they’re bringing along their deranged,lunatic fringe, which is their base, right along with ’em, and it’s contributing to this whole idea of a divided country with no hope for crossing the gap or bridging the gap.

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Nov 30, 2016

by: Luis

I hope this nation has learned by now what is truly at the heart of the Democratic party.

This is nothing short of a desire for power. They can't stand to not be in power and will do whatever it takes to regain what they have lost.

Never mind that the people spoke when they elected Donald Trump. Liberals believe that they know better and their will imposed on us is how it should be. Never mind that Hillary asked Donald during the debates if he would honor the results of the election.

It's simply a matter of "them" versus the "rest of us". And "us" are inferior to "them". No amount of protesting will change what is in their hearts. This is not the democratic republic that we truly are. This is anarchy wanting to impose it's will on the rest of us.

This is an opportunity for the church in America to put to use it's greatest weapon - PRAYER. There is no need for a "conceal and carry" permit. Prayer should always be on our lips. Heaven moves when the church prays. This nation is still in need of much prayer.

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