Parallels between America and Ancient Israel

Are there really parallels between America and Ancient Israel? What do they have in common, if anything? I have been intrigued by what I've discovered as I have studied the history of these two nations. There are some things in their histories that they actually share and are worth looking at. Understanding their past can help us understand where we are now and where we may be headed.

american and israeli flags

One of the recent studies I conducted involved a book written by Perry Stone called, "Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes". Perry is not only a best-selling author but is an international evangelist and is well qualified to write on this subject. As I was skimming through his book I was gripped by what I read in the very first chapter and decided that I had to buy his book in order to find out what he had discovered. The following is an overview of that chapter.

Perry claims that he discovered many unusual parallels between America and ancient Israel. As his studies went in-depth he learned that the two nations were also spiritually linked. He makes the claim that what occurred in ancient Israel can be repeated for America. That's a scary thought once you become familiar with the history of ancient Israel.

For starters, here are some connecting features between the two nations:

  • The first feature has to do with the Hebrew language. His research revealed that the founding fathers considered making Hebrew the official language of the colonies. Also, the early Ivy league universities often taught Hebrew, and the seal of Yale University has Hebrew words meaning "light and perfection".
  • Our country's founding documents were based on the laws of the Torah, which is considered a divine revelation from God. When you study it out you'll discover that the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration indeed were based on the Torah, Psalms and the Four Gospels.
  • The English considered the early pilgrims "separatists". Perry states that the earliest Jews were called Ibriy, which translated means, "one from beyond". The idea behind this word is to indicate a person separating himself from others, just as Abraham was called to do.
  • The bible tells us that Abraham came into a land that was already occupied by others. So did the pilgrims. They both ended up possessing the land and tried to teach the inhabitants about their God.
  • Both America and Israel started out with thirteen distinct groups; Israel had thirteen tribes and America had thirteen colonies.
  • Both nations were divided north and south.
  • Both nations had a "capital" that was acknowledged by both the northern and southern regions. Israel established Jerusalem and America built Washington DC. 
  • Both nations had their capital by the second leader in office. Jerusalem was built up by King David and Washington was built up by it's second President, John Adams.
  • The first leader of each nation were tall in stature and neither wanted the job.
  • The English spelling of Jerusalem has the letters u,s,a in the middle of the name.

That's a lot of coincidences don't you think? Perry goes on to say that he discovered a biblical pattern that would be a parallel for America. Now I realize that there are many skeptics out there who are saying that if someone wanted to they could find a number of random incidents and make them fit a pattern of their liking. Granted. But keep an open mind and at least keep reading before you pass judgement.

Perry makes the statement that the years 2007 and 2008 would be the beginning of a period where America begins experiencing some significant changes that would signal the climax of America as a global empire. I think we can all agree that the Obama administration has aggressively promoted an agenda of decreasing American influence around the world in order to "restore America's reputation" around the world.

He speaks of a prophetic cycle, or loop that is making its way around in history. Once one of these repetitive cycles is discerned then we can see major events being repeated with such precision that predictions of what is coming can be made in advance. With regard to parallels between America and Ancient Israel, he states that we will continue to see an eventual, steady decline in status, which will topple America from it's long held prestigious position. Which is exactly what Obama had intended when he decided to run for office. This decline will cause a shift in economic momentum from the West to the East, toward the Asian nations.

The predictions he makes are based on links, or what he sees as patterns he sees as parallels between America and Ancient Israel. He starts with Abraham. The Bible reveals that God gave Abraham's descendants four generations, or four hundred years from Abraham entering Egypt to Israel's leaving called the Exodus (Gen. 15:13-13).If America mirrors this event we can study it's history and see that America's first colony was established on May 14, 1607, and four hundred years forward takes us to May 14, 2007. May 14 was the same day Israel was established as a nation in 1948.

Looking back to 2007 we can see there were a number of ominous developments taking shape; high gas prices brought on a major recession, millions of jobs lost, and the auto industry nearly collapsing. We also saw the beginning of a significant growth in our national debt. The theme of the new President was "Change". He also promised Americans that he would fundamentally change America. We can all agree that he has certainly lived up to his word.

Hard to ignore parallels between america and ancient israel

true israel

His research goes on to examine America's "parallels" with the spiritual, economic, and political cycles of Israel. During this period of research he also examined the parallels and patterns of Imperial Rome.

First, he claims that America's political and governmental patterns are running parallel to the latter years of Rome. That should not be a difficult claim to confirm. We all can see from history that Rome eventually fell apart as Roman taxes oppressed economic growth and as a result political Rome fell into the hands of pagan tribes. Oddly enough, the christian church in Rome and Byzantium began dominating the empire as the Christian faith spread quickly.

Secondly, like America, Israel developed from a small tribal clan to a powerful nation of millions once the Israelites took possession of the Promised land and expelled the other tribes. In America our spiritual pattern begins with our founding documents. We can see that America reflects ancient Israel in its spiritual perception of God and the growth of its monotheistic faith. There is a pattern seen in ancient Israel where a corrupt king is followed by a prophetic voice and the revival of faith. If Perry is correct in his projections then America is about to experience its greatest opportunity to have the Christian faith spread like it never has before. Why? Because the people will no longer be able to trust its political leaders and will lose total confidence in its governmental system.

As I completed reading his book I could see for myself that there was more to this book than mere personal projections. I could definitely see that there were indeed parallels between American and Ancient Israel. It is well researched and analyzed. His assumptions and conclusions are worth considering. He admits that many will question his method for examining the cycles and determining the conclusions. However, the litmus is quite simple: history does repeat itself.

He gives one final example of a historical cycle that repeated itself and that I found intriguing. Consider the history of Christ from his birth to his ascension. There was Mary (his mother), Joseph (her husband), and Herod (a Roman procurator) who put a death sentence on the newborn king.

Fast forward about 33 years and we see the pattern repeat itself. There is Mary, called Mary Magdalene; then there's Joseph (of Arimathaea), as well as a new Roman governor also named Herod, who participated in releasing Jesus to the Jewish zealots for crucifixion. Interesting, right?

There are a lot more examples like this to ponder when examining the parallels between America and Ancient Israel. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is a fan of prophecy. Even if you're a skeptic, it certainly makes for good reading.

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