Principles of the
Kingdom Constitution

In order to appreciate the principles of the kingdom constitution we must first acknowledge that we will be referring to the Bible as our basis for the very first constitution. And it is upon this constitution that we will be comparing all others.

Let's begin by acknowledging that the constitution in a kingdom is the expressed will of the king in written form. Putting it in writing makes it easy for all to understand it's terms and conditions. That's why in the kingdom of heaven, or God's kingdom, we have a book called the bible. This bible is the expressed will of God, the king, in written form. It is his constitution.

In any kingdom, the words of the king are the law of the land. I want to clarify that the constitution is not the law. The law is derived from the constitution. The constitution simply sets up the terms, conditions and rights. This then leads to laws that will preserve and protect these terms, conditions and rights.

So then, the Bible consists of God's documented thoughts regarding his citizens, his intent for all of mankind. His main reason for putting it in writing is so that it could be defended in court. He wanted a testament that could be tested and contested.

Hence, this is why the oldest books of the Bible are called the old "testament" and those written after the death of Christ are called the new "testament". These words serve as a permanent testimony to others.

Let's now take a closer look at the seven principles of the kingdom constitution:

  1. The constitution is derived from the King, not the citizens.

Anyone reviewing the Constitution of the United States will clearly see that it begins with the words, "We the People...". The constitution of God's kingdom begins with" I the Lord" or "The Lord your God".

Since the citizens of the United States created their constitution they are free to amend or change it as they see fit. Not so with God's constitution. He is the author and as a result the only one authorized to make any changes to it.

The good news for the citizens of God's kingdom is that God is unchanging. The Bible states that he "is the same, today and tomorrow". And so is His word because a King and his word are one and the same:

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations (Psalm 33:11)

Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens (Psalm 110:152)

If you compare this truth with what is going on now in America you can see that our government officials are trying to find ways to amend or drastically change the constitution to serve their political agendas without regard for our society as a whole.

This is the major flaw with our from of democracy. When the ruling majority operates from a skewed perspective it has the potential to cause severe and sometimes irreversible harm.

The other flaw with our constitution is that it remains open to interpretation. An ongoing issue that serves as a great example is the issue of gay rights or gay marriage. Today's leaders comment on these matters as if they still need to be debated.

If you refer to the constitution of the kingdom of heaven there is no debate needed. Our opinion has no place in such matters. God has already spoken on these matters and His word is final. The citizens of the kingdom of heaven do not have the right or privilege of tampering with His constitution.

2.  Man's Bill of Rights Versus God's Bill of Rights

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