The Same-Sex Marriage

Ministering to Gay Teenagers by Shawn Harrison

It appears that the same-sex marriage strategy is working. With the recent Supreme Court landmark ruling giving "gay marriage" the status of a legal institution homosexuals are on the verge of "coming out of the closet" once and for all.

Since then here's what's transpired:

  • same-sex couples are now entitled to federal benefits
  • the Obama administration has moved with a tremendous sense of urgency to extend these federal benefits
  • the court also declined to decide a case related to California's Proposition 8, and as a result same-sex marriages are now allowed there even though it's residents voted to uphold the position that a marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman
  • images of same-sex couples embracing each other are now popping up everywhere on T.V., the internet, and magazines

However, their work is not yet done. They are pushing the idea that marriage is a tradition that has been evolving for some time now. It has now evolved to the point where it should naturally include them. This evolution, in their opinion will be good for all marriages.

Obviously, conservatives have a different view of marriage as a tradition, one that shouldn't be tampered with. They have brought up an interesting point that only time will confirm, that this union will lead to other perverted unions such as man-child, bestiality, etc.

The point that needs to be settled once and for all is what is the vital purpose of marriage. Once this is understood and agreed upon then all this debating will come to an end. In the process we'll be able to answer questions like, "how did we ever come to consider same-sex unions as marriages"?

When you look at the process that this debate has undergone you begin to see that the same-sex marriage strategy involved bullying, error filled reasoning, and following what seems right at the time, and influencing groups to accept their ideas as normal.

Whenever discussions take place in public, any views that question the validity of the same-sex marriage strategy come under great scrutiny and have to endure criticism for being politically incorrect and opposing views are labeled as homophobic. As a result not much intelligent discussion actually ends up taking place.

So what is this strategy that's at work?

There has been a well thought out strategy of radically changing people's minds about homosexuality. Without even realizing it many people from various segments of our society have come to accept the idea of same-sex marriage.

When you consider just the physical obstacles to same-sex unions one must wonder how can any intelligent person accept the argument that this is absolutely normal? Biologically speaking there is no logic to this type of relationship.

In 1981, after much research, it was discovered that a destructive disease which became know as AIDS was originally called GRID, gay-related immunodeficiency disease, a disease that was found prominently among promiscuous homosexual men (Gee, why would that be?) Unfortunately, homosexual activists convinced the medical community to change the name to "acquired immune deficiency syndrome".

Articles in magazines began to reveal even more details of what the same-sex marriage strategy was up to. It became apparent that in the beginning they were interested in desensitizing the public. They realized that in the beginning a full frontal attack on traditional values would not work. So they went for a strategy of creating an "appreciation" or "understanding" of homosexuality. Thus, propaganda began to filter into the schools bypassing the watchful eyes of mom and dad and changing the young minds with little to no  resistance from parents. After all, the damage was done.

The idea was to get the general public to view this behavior as "no big deal". It progressed to openly discussing homosexuality, especially in the media, and then presenting to the media so-called pillars of the community that were openly gay.

Present them as helpless victims. Eventually, these ads were to include sympathetic straights.

This whole thing finally morphed into a civil rights movement. Any opponents would then be painted to resemble Nazi's or associated with the Ku Klux Klan. A pretty tough image to overcome.

It was important for the same-sex marriage strategy to not have homosexuals seen as tearing down traditional values but rather to simply be extending them. Deflect criticism at all costs. Maintain the victim image at all times. Eventually the public image would be changed.

So what is the real goal?

Truth be told, we are now at a point where homosexuals are not afraid to show that they aren't really interested in marriage. Simply pay closer attention to any gay pride parade and you'll see a display of some really rebellious and even repulsive behavior. It's a pretty much "in your face" display that dares anyone to object.

Historical data proves that homosexuals staying together for life is a rarity. Actually, many of them consider marriage and raising kids a burden. So why all the fuss within the homosexual community? Simple. A greater acceptance of same-sex marriages would also allow for a greater acceptance of same-sex relationships.

Think about it for a minute. If they could get the courts to rule that prohibiting such unions was a violation of the constitution then it would "normalize" their lifestyle and remove all public objections. It turns out that the same-sex marriage strategy is about destroying the biblical definition of family.

If you doubt any of this simply go to YouTube, or follow this link and look for a video by Masha Gessen, activist, author and lesbian, titled, "Gay marriage is a lie". There is no attempt to be subtle here. She makes it very clear that the goal of the same-sex marriage drive is to destroy the institution of marriage.

Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists

Ministering to Gay Teenagers by Shawn Harrison

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