September 11 2001

America's First Harbinger - the breach

How has September 11 2001 transformed the American population in any significant manner?

Since that tragic event we've read and heard numerous reports ranging from government conspiracies to this being proof of God's wrath being unleashed on America. Has the destruction of New York's twin towers signified the beginning of a tragic period in American history?

Not since December 7 1941 has America experienced such massive destruction from an external enemy. However, this recent attack has had completely unexpected impact on the American people.

Why did this happen?

Immediately after this tragic event there was a degree of shock and bewilderment that come over this nation. The American people wanted answers. How could this possibly happen? Who would dare engage us in a frontal attack such as this and expect to get away with it? Why did we not see this coming?

Except for the people directly involved in the recovery process, firemen, police, medical personnel, many began pointing fingers and laying blame. Conservatives blamed liberals, liberals blamed conservatives, religious groups were blaming each other, the media began fueling conspiracy theories through the various so-called experts they had invited onto their networks to speak on the matter.

The United States of America looked more divided then it ever had. Even when action was taken to deal with the individuals who we thought were behind the attack of September 11 2001 there was not a united front.

Somehow the terrorists were more effective then they had anticipated. Not only had they successfully brought down a symbol of America's financial power it had also caused internal strife and division. A destructive cycle had been put into place and we didn't even realize it.

As a result we lost the will to fight back. Within days after the attack it was reported on Fox News that U.S. commanders were pushing for more leeway to retaliate against Iran who was then known to be working behind the scenes to expand its influence across the middle east and had even stepped up its weapons smuggling to its terrorist proxies against U.S. troops.

Americans need to realize that we now live a very different world. Our enemies have figured out that despite our military superiority they can still deliver a devastating blow almost at will. Part of the reason that we suffered the attacks of September 11 2001 is a result of our relationship with the nation of Israel.

We are seen as the reason why Israel still exist. In their eyes their hatred for Israel is best served by attacking us directly. This logic seems a bit odd on the surface but it's important to ponder why this strategy would be considered by any terrorist.

Whenever you are going up against a larger opponent you must first determine if there is a soft spot and whether or not you can deliver a blow to that soft stop that would weaken the opponent. In the case of a woman going up against a large man she would have to know that certain areas of the male body can be struck that would give her the opportunity to either flee to safety or to strike another blow.

The terrorist act of September 11 2001 was the equivalent of the woman striking the man in a sensitive spot that would temporarily disable him and possibly discourage him from retaliating against her. The terrorist around the world will now be taking note of how America responds to each attack. This will help determine where and how to attack again.

If these guerrilla tactics can weaken our resolve with regard to standing by Israel then they will be emboldened to step up their aggression towards Israel. That is the reason for such a blatant attack. Will we demonstrate that we have what it takes to fight this new type of enemy? Will we develop a strategy to fight back? Or will we be crippled by internal pressures and take a passive course of action for fear of how we may be perceived around the world? 

My Rating, 5 StarsThe Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn was written for a time such as this, mesmerizing and fascinating from beginning to end. In light of current events, this book is an eye opener for every American. The book is presented in a narrative fashion and uses scripture to demonstrate the ties between the destruction of ancient Israel and America. Anyone searching for answers in the midst of the chaos, unrest and fear that is prevalent in America today will find "The Harbinger" provides a glimmer of hope. Cahn offers these words from scripture "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14. This book surely is a wake up call for Americans to get on their knees and reclaim this great nation before it's too late.

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