Supernatural Harvest
means Supernatural Results

We are not accustomed to conversations about a supernatural harvest. The term "supernatural" just doesn't fit in with what we're accustomed to experiencing or reading about here in America. We have grown accustomed to yielding results from what we learned in school or from our parents and family - work hard, save for a rainy day and hope for the best.

Our vision of what could be and what life should be has grown dim. I'd like to shed a light on this concept that will cause some of you to scoff. But others may continue to read our of sheer curiosity believing you've got nothing to lose since you're not seeing the results you were hoping for anyway.

Let's take a trip back in time...way back in time. I want to introduce you to a man named Issac who lived at the time in the area we now generally refer to as The Middle East. The details of his life experiences can be  found in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis. Let's barge in and see what he's about to experience...

"Now there was a famine in the land, besides the previous famine that had occurred in the days of Abraham (his father). So Issac went to Gerar, to Abimelech king of the Philistines. The Lord appeared to him and said, "DO NOT go down to Egypt; stay in the land of which I shall tell you. "Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and BLESS you, for to you and to your descendants I will give all these lands, and I will establish the oath which I swore to your father Abraham. I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven, and will give your descendants all these lands; and by your descendants ALL THE NATIONS of the earth shall be blessed; because Abraham OBEYED me and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes and My laws." So Issac lived in Gerar.

the key to your supernatural harvest in tough times is obedience

In the above passage there a number of key points that stand out which should not be overlooked:

  • there was a famine in the land, this is serious since the economy at the time was primarily agricultural
  • Issac was told by God NOT to go to Egypt
  • God reiterated a promise he made to Issac's father 
  • God reminded Issac that his father had obeyed Him
  • Issac obeyed God

This passage gives us our first peek into the mind of God. From the very beginning, from Genesis, we can clearly see that God has purposed to bless mankind and wants him to prosper and have dominion over life, not vice-versa. We were not created to live a life of struggling, strife and barely getting by. We were instructed to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. I doubt many reading this can say that they are living life subduing and experiencing a supernatural harvest each year.

So what can we learn from this passage? Well, before that can happen you have to first accept the truth. The truth is that the Word of God is inspired by His Holy Spirit and revealed to men over the years who wrote it down as instructed. As such, it is backed by the integrity and omnipotence of God Almighty. If you can't accept this then there's no point in reading any further.

Assuming you can accept that there is a God and that he has made a way for us to live life above our circumstances then let's extract some insight from this passage in Genesis. First, the Lord told Issac to stay in Gerar. Why is this significant? Well, who else but God would know what to do in a time of famine or when the famine would start and end, or even what areas the famine would impact? This instruction is the advantage that Issac received from God in a time of great need to receive his supernatural harvest. He had "insider information" which put him at an advantage over the other inhabitants. 

If you're thinking, "well that's unfair and why would God not share this information with the other inhabitants ?", all I can say at this time is that this wasn't UNFAIR but rather it was FAVOR. The same favor that God intends to impart to all his children who live in obedience to Him. That's a whole other topic that I won't address at this time.

Second, God is teaching Issac, "don't look to any other source except Me". Within the kingdom of God there is a system of provision that exist for it's citizens. The children of God are citizens of this kingdom. As citizens we have certain rights and benefits. In America we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that detail our rights and benefits. They are written so that every citizen can know what they are and can appropriate them when needed.

In God's kingdom there is a Bill of Rights, its called The Bible. In order to understand and appreciate anything that you read here you need to first get this concept of kingdom down pat. Everything you'll read about here is written from this kingdom perspective.

In a kingdom the benevolent king is responsible for the welfare of his citizens. Those kings that are not benevolent are called despots, tyrants or dictators. The original settlers of the New World were all too familiar with such a king while living in Great Britain and thus fled to the new world to establish a nation that would exist under the laws of Gods kingdom.

Being the good and benevolent king that He is God was looking to reestablish his kingdom here on earth but Adam failed in his assignment. God then chose the man Abraham to restart the process. From the very beginning he endeavors to change Abraham's mindset. This is why he instructed Abraham to leave his land and set out for a land he had never seen. Abraham was to be totally dependent on God just as Adam was dependent in the Garden of Eden.

Third, God informs Issac, "I will bless you right where you are with a supernatural harvest- in spite of the famine". Can you see the strategy that God is implementing here? He's actually being "Jehovah sneaky" at this time. What do I mean by that? What Issac can't see when he receives this instruction from God to "stay put" is that the blessing he's about to receive will be a sign, a testimony of God's goodness to those inhabitants in the land where Isaac is told to stay.

One way that God makes himself attractive to an unbelieving world is by blessing his children abundantly, lavishly, as a good father likes to do, so that He can get their attention and make Himself real to them in a tangible manner. At that time these inhabitants worshiped idols which were actually physical representations of demons that ruled in the area. As they paid homage to these idols they were actually worshiping demons. They relied on these demons for protection and provision. Actually this homage was performed out of fear. That was not God's desire for them. He wanted them to experience the love of a Father and his supernatural harvest. He attempts to provide that opportunity through the lives of Abraham and his descendants.

Isaac Becomes the Worlds Riches Man

Fourth, Issac demonstrates to us that obedience gives birth to the blessing of supernatural harvest. This is a principle that is repeated throughout the Bible. We see this mentioned again in Isaiah 1:19, "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land." 

We then see in Gen. 26:12 that Isaac reaped a supernatural harvest in famine, "Now Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the SAME year a hundred fold. And the Lord blessed him...". In the best case scenario, in that region, one could expect a twenty-five to fifty fold return on the seeds sown but because of God's favor Isaac reaped a HUNDRED fold. What made this even more remarkable, or rather supernatural, was that he reaped this in the same year. God did for Isaac what no one had ever experienced through their own effort.

"...and the man became rich, and continued to grow richer until he became very wealthy; for he had many possessions of flocks and herds and a great household, so that the Philistines ENVIED him." (Gen. 26:13-14) Wow! That's what I call being blessed with a supernatural harvest. Notice how his prosperity occurred in progressive stages. The passage tells us that Issac "became rich" then he "continued to grow richer" until he "became very wealthy". When God finds a man who is willing to trust Him and live obediently he has found a man who can be trusted with great wealth.

God has no problem with blessing His people with a supernatural harvest as He did Issac. You can see in the scriptures that "the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it" (Prov. 10:22). I have not written this so as to promote the concept that we can get rich with God. On the contrary. The day we are born-again we are endowed with all the blessings of God as joint heirs of the kingdom with Jesus Christ. There is nothing we can do to earn these blessings. They are "gifted" to us through the work of the cross. All that we have access to now is ours through what Jesus acquired from His victory over sin and death. We were not born into lack, sickness, depression and hopelessness. Jesus came that we "might have life and life abundant".

God does not want us to live on the level of "only human". The earth has been fought for and won by God. We have now been translated into the kingdom of his dear son. We have been "adopted" into the God family which makes us royalty. The enemy, Satan, wants us to believe that we are not created in His (God's) likeness and have his nature but rather we are destined to continue living in bondage to sin with no hope of ever living to the standard that God first communicated to mankind in the garden of Eden. We've done this for so long our minds have a difficult time accepting this reality of experiencing the supernatural harvest in the kingdom.

We have to learn to live as kingdom dwellers re-establishing the garden of Eden wherever we go and that whatever we touch is supposed to flourish. We have to BELIEVE the blessing, RECEIVE the blessing TALK the blessing, and WALK in the blessing. It's time for God's children to experience the supernatural harvest as a way of life.

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