The Terrorist Attack & the Second Harbinger

The most famous terrorist attack prior to September 11, 2001 was the attack on Pearl Harbor. At that time the American people were hoping to stay out of the war in Europe and simply enjoy the economic boom that was just beginning.

Our resolve as a nation had not been put to the test since the Civil War. During that war the amount of blood that was shed to keep the nation unified was unlike any the nation had ever experienced.

This Could Kick Start WW3 - The Rise of ISIS & What You Don't Know About Them
islam will dominate

The one trait most visible during each war that we were involved in was the unity of the American people. It gave us strength and the resolve to see it through. Fast forward to the Vietnam war, and we are now experiencing a generation gap, the sexual revolution, heavy drug use, and rock and roll music.

The youth of the nation are questioning every level of authority in their lives and are very suspicious of anyone in government.

The social and political landscape was quite different during this war. The politicians and our military were not on the same page. We had the military might to crush the communist forces in Vietnam but we lacked the political will to win because we had already experienced so much negative press. As a result it was the first war which had no clear plan for victory.

Can one terrorist attack change the 21st century landscape for the entire world?

21st Century Landscape

On April 15 of this year the Boston Marathon terrorist attack killed 3 people and wounded 264. To the general public this was the only statistic that mattered. However, the real truth is that there was much more damage that was inflicted; around $20 million in immediate medical costs, property damage and business losses.

president reagan and libya

The disparity between the cost of extremists carrying out a terrorist attack and the cost of nations trying to defend against them is staggering. This enemy is experiencing the greatest rate of return anyone could ask for from such efforts. Can you imagine the benefit to our economy if the American military could inflict this much damage while spending so little?

The tactic being used by every terrorist involves inflicting as much fear as possible, to the point where their victim is literally paralyzed and eventually gives in. It's a tactic that's been around for a long time. The ancient Assyrians were the originators of this method and were brutal in its application.

We are now dealing with descendants of the Assyrian terrorists. They are patient, methodical, resourceful, and believe they are excused by God in the execution of their bloody methods against innocent people. There is no moral ground on which to stand when dealing with these people. They have actually learned to use our own moral standards with regard to warfare against us through each terrorist attack.

Today's terrorist knows that America lacks the will to do what President Harry Truman did to the island nation of Japan to bring the bloody war in the Pacific to an end. Could America actally bomb the terrorists into submission? A much more difficult task considering that we are dealing with a mindset rather then a nation with a geographic location that can be isolated and attacked.

3 Truths About Islam and Terrorists

Is it possible that America could turn the tables on these Jihadists? Could we take the gloves off and give them a dose of their own medicine?

What shock waves would we send throughout the world of Muslim extremists if we were to do to Iran what Truman did to Japan? We certainly have the military capability, and it would require a relatively small expense on our part to enact this bit of reverse "terrorism".

Imagine. In a matter of 24 hours we could carry out a stealth "blitzkreig" on the Iranian nation. Would innocent people be killed? Would we be criticized for this brutal and inhumane act?  Certainly! But we would be doing to the one nation, who the world knows is the number one exporter or terrorism, what has been inflicted upon us. Would this type of response be justified?

History teaches us how to deal with terrorism

The biblical nation of Israel had to deal severely with the unfriendly and deadly nations surrounding its borders. In many instances we can read where God has instructed the leader(s) of Israel to deal harshly with it's enemy in order to assure survival.

Israels first king, Saul, was instructed to completely wipe out the Amalekites, "Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; put him to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey." Unfortunately, Saul did not follow God's instructions and he sinned in God's eyes and was eventually punished for this act of disobedience.

The lesson to be learned from this is that terrorism is to be dealt with severely. Yes, I know it sounds cruel and unchristian like. But keep in mind that we are also dealing with a spirit that is behind this terrorist action. A very dangerous spirit. One that seeks to destroy any people that show allegiance to God. We are not to give this type of evil any place in our land.  It must be totally wiped out to assure the future survival of a nation.

Jeeps and Supporting Our Troops

We would be doing the world a favor I suppose if we were to cut the snakes proverbial head off. I'm willing to bet that our Russian friends would show no mercy if they had experienced 9-1-1 and later found out that Iran was now the breeding ground of all current extremists willing to carry out a single terrorist attack. 

America will have to face reality very shortly with regard to Muslim extremists in and outside its borders. These extremists will feed on our weakness if we choose to stay the course and remain politically correct on the world stage. We need to call out evil for what it is. In order to do this the American spirit and courage must me summoned. One Japanese general was quoted as having said after the bombing of Pearl, "I believe we have just awakened a sleeping giant".

The giant within us must be awakened once again. The spirit of God is the only one capable of stirring the spirits of the American people so that we can deal with our poor spiritual condition and terrorist exploits before it becomes our undoing.

This Could Kick Start WW3 - The Rise of ISIS & What You Don't Know About Them

 It would behoove President Obama, US Congress, and other world leaders to read this book, heed it's warnings and consider proposed solutions. It's the most knowledgeable and objective book available on this game-changing threat. Well-researched, well-written, and important.

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