The left's 'parents are the enemy' scheme

by Linda Harvey
(United States)

Children should learn to distrust their parents, keep secrets from them and make decisions without parental input. Parents, as we all know, stand in the way of progress, dreams and desires.

Transgender and homosexual activists, on the other hand, are totally trustworthy, even if they pose as teachers, health professionals or school counselors.

This is how progressives think. Yet most of us would disagree.

“Parents are the enemy” is too often today’s default narrative disseminated throughout the public education establishment, propelled by the sexual anarchist left.

Two recent issues highlight this trend. One is a lawsuit just filed in Minnesota by mother Anmarie Calgaro against a school, several health providers and social service agencies. Why? Because her minor son is receiving medical treatment with the objective of “becoming” a female, and Calgaro was blocked from input into this life-changing decision.

In fact, these defendants presumed Calgaro’s son was an emancipated minor, when he is not.

Along these same lines, a recent bill introduced in the Texas Legislature would prohibit the violation of parental rights. The sponsor is state Sen. Konni Burton. The measure would bar schools from withholding medical and mental health information from parents. SB 242 would clarify existing state law and prevent schools from adopting a secrecy posture toward parents.

In a recent Texas controversy, students who identified as “transgender” in the Fort Worth Independent School District could depend on school officials to disclose that information only on a “need to know” basis, according to instructions from the superintendent, Dr. Kent Scribner. And sometimes, parents didn’t “need to know.” Scribner withdrew the faculty and staff directive after other Texas officials cried foul.

The homosexual activist community is screaming about Burton’s bill, claiming it would “out” students to their parents. And that, of course, might produce a positive outcome, since parents can often dissuade a confused child from starting down a path of life-destroying behavior.

Twitter comments accuse Sen. Burton of filing a bill that would “kill teens” or cause suicide. This is a common manipulative tactic of homosexual activists, holding communities hostage to the non-specific threats of youth self-harm. Many local and state pro-homosexual/transgender measures have been embraced after sensational prophecies based on unverifiable anecdotes.

Sen. Burton’s bill does not require schools to pro-actively notify all parents but only directs schools to respond to parent-initiated requests for academic, behavioral, or health records about a child.

The routine bypass of parents is a real problem and raises a whole host of questions. The abortion industry has been getting away with violating parental rights for several decades as clinics receiving Title X federal funds for contraceptive services are often allowed to treat minors without parental consent.

“Some teens are in danger if their backward parents learn about their daughter’s sexual choices,” is the standard clinic position. It’s not coincidental that abortuaries rake in piles of cash from the sexual promiscuity of vulnerable and confused young girls whose taxpaying parents are kept intentionally in the dark about a child’s high-risk behavior.

The Guttmacher Institute, established as the research arm of Planned Parenthood, says this:

“Minors who are sexually active, pregnant, or infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and those who abuse drugs or alcohol or suffer from emotional or psychological problems may avoid seeking care if they must involve their parents.”

So with this excuse in hand, the abortion industry and now homosexual advocacy groups claim to be acting in a minor’s best interests while initiating intrusive and life-altering medical treatment for that child. It may be an abortion on a 14-year-old, or in some states now (like Oregon), administration of hormone treatment of young teens for purported “sex change,” all without any parent’s knowledge or consent.

How is this a good thing? It won’t be long before 13- or 14-year-old boys can be surgically castrated without parental consent, all because they “needed” this horrific procedure, which many would consider child mutilation and abuse. The destructive trend will continue until concerned taxpaying parents start saying, “No way.”

Planned Parenthood’s deceptive standard of “care” is to ally with the girl against her parents in a diabolical corruption scheme that sometimes involves murder. The intentional destruction of one’s own child is an act that has life-long consequences for every mother. And we are letting our girls be drawn into such actions, all with taxpayer support of these blood-drenched clinics.

Virtually all parents love and want the best for their children. Only a tiny minority will ever act without a child’s long-term welfare in mind. Yet the current leftist “presumption of harm” by parents is too often the prevailing attitude. It’s an ungodly attempt to separate youth from the very people whose provision, protection and guidance will be the best recipe for their well-being. But, typical of Satan, those who want to mess with families will couch their harmful plans in terms of “help.”

Parents are the enemy in the warped and rebellious minds of most “LGBTQ” lobbyists. The evil strategy of youth-directed homosexual activism corrupts young minds and bodies. Then, when other people’s children predictably rebel and adopt bizarre, destructive identities and behaviors, the activists insist that parents be kept in the dark for fear of “harm” to the child – sometimes self-harm – which, ironically, these deviants may have callously enabled.

The hand grenade of supporting “LGBTQ” behavior is tossed into a school, yet the collateral damage is still blamed on local homes and churches– never on the “gay” community aggressively corrupting minors.

It’s exactly the opposite. These activists need to be expelled from every school, clinic or youth organization where they work.

Parental rights need to be affirmed and upheld in all U.S. schools, and those school administrators who don’t understand this need to lose their rights – to a high-paying, taxpayer-funded job.

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Nov 30, 2016

by: Luis

Whenever you're dealing with any group on the "left" things are never what they appear to be.

I've learned to never believe what they say, but rather, to watch their actions.

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