Today's America Looks Like the "Wild West" without a Brave Sheriff

by Anonymous

Last week the New York Times reported, “Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities.” These figures have been falling for years—but suddenly, cities across America—at least 35 of them, according to a recent survey—are suffering a reversal in that trend, reporting increases in homicides, violent crimes or both. Among them:

*Milwaukee experienced 86 murders in the whole of 2014. This year, with summer not yet over, there have already been 104.

*In New Orleans, the first eight months of last year saw 98 murders. The same period this year saw 120.

*Baltimore had 138 homicides through August last year. This year the number is 215.

*Washington’s first eight months last year had 73; this year: 105

*St. Louis through August 2014: 85 murders. This year: 136.

What is going on? Why the sudden increase in urban murders? The Times says, “No one is claiming to know for sure.”

Last Wednesday, a black man in Virginia, angry about what he considered racism, murdered two reporters on live television.

The Washington Post took that opportunity to note: “We’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015.” This article defines a “mass shooting” as an incident where at least four people are shot, including the gunman. America experienced 247 of them in just the first 238 days of 2015.

Why is this happening?

One Cause: Undermined Law Enforcement

There are a number of contributing factors. One that cannot be ignored is what the Times article describes as “intense national scrutiny of the use of force by the police which has made officers less aggressive and emboldened criminals.”

Yes, prominent voices in government—including the president—and the press have been accusing America’s law enforcement of endemic racism. They have said that this hate is deep-seated—even “part of our DNA,” to use the president’s words—and must be exposed. They demand “justice” without specifying just what that means.

It makes me wonder: What exactly do the people agitating for racial justice want? What sort of justice are they talking about?

The view has shoved its way into the mainstream that mass uprisings in the street, including rioting, looting and burning, are an understandable if not legitimate expression of justifiable, even righteous anger. That is extraordinary.

Such thinking is absolutely toxic and perverse. The communities that are experiencing these uprisings—the cities whose businesses are being torched, ransacked and destroyed—are being victimized by this twisted pursuit of “justice.” Residents in areas where law and order is compromised are less safe and secure. Whole communities—many of them with non-white majorities—are becoming less livable.

Still, on the more extreme fringe are voices insisting that violence is necessary to force revolution and change. Crowds are shouting, “We’re ready for war.”

Would these people view the surge in urban murder rates with dismay?

How many people would contend that the murder of Deputy Goforth was just? That it too was an outburst of righteous anger? I’m sure they’re out there.

Here’s another question: Are the efforts of those who are supposedly seeking to right racial wrongs actually helping blacks and other minorities?

Look at the rise in murder and violence in America’s cities. Who is suffering? In Milwaukee, of the 107 murders so far this year, 85 have been black people. Of the 223 murders in Baltimore this year, 200 have been black.

Do the lives of those people matter?

Again, I just have to wonder: Just what do those who are demanding justice really want?

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