totalitarian Dictatorship form of Government

Why do totalitarian dictatorship form of government fail so miserably?

 It's a wonder any Totalitarian Dictatorship form of government still exists in this day and age. How is it that the masses are still prone to such a form of brutal governing? What emboldens a person to assume such a role?

To understand the "whys" and "hows" we must look first at the origin of man attempting to rule his environment. There have been individuals who believed that they were chosen by the gods or by providence to rule the rest of us. In every case there was a sense that the masses were somehow "inferior".

This totalitarian dictatorship form of government comes in many forms and has many titles. Other then that they share a common thread and results. A totalitarian dictatorship form of government concentrates power and authority in the hands of one individual who isn't hesitant to wield that power to promote their personal cause. What makes this form of governing so dangerous is the lack of laws and a constitution to restrict the authority of the dictator.

Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin are great examples of men who fit the role of dictators driven by personal ambition and private interests. Their focus was always on themselves and their ambitions. They never showed sincere concern for the masses. Their rule typically ends in tragedy and chaos.

As a form of governing it's a distortion of the form of government that God established in the garden of Eden when he delegated authority and dominion to Adam. Whenever there was an attempt to dominate a people through a totalitarian dictatorship form of government the end result was always rebellion and resistance. This is not God's original intent for government.

The founding fathers knew this all too well and made sure to set up a system of checks and balances to prevent ultimate power from being concentrated in the hands of one person or group. Having left behind a life subject to the authority of King George they were determined to establish something that resembled more the form of government that God intended.

It was God's intent for man to rule the earth with Wisdom, wisdom that comes from Him...

"Doesn't Wisdom cry out and understanding shout? Atop the heights and along the path, at the crossroads she takes her stand. By the gate before the city, at the entrances she shouts: I cry out to you, people; my voice goes out to all humanity. Understand skill, you who are naive. Take this to heart you fools. Listen for I speak things that are correct; from my lips comes what is right. My mouth utters the truth; my lips despise wickedness. All the words of my mouth are righteous; nothing in them is twisted or crooked. All of them are straightforward to those who understand, and upright for the knowledgeable. Take my instruction rather then silver, knowledge rather then choice gold. Wisdom is better then pearls; nothing is more delightful than she. I, wisdom, dwell with prudence; I have found knowledge and discretion. To dear the Lord is to hate evil. I hate pride and arrogance, the path of evil and corrupt speech. I have advice and ability, as well as understanding and strength. By me kings rule, and princes issue righteous decrees. By me rulers govern and officials judge righteously."

God never intended for man to rule over man. Man's rulership was over God's creation; the plant and animal kingdom.

The scriptures reveal to us that it is God's intent to expand his heavenly kingdom throughout the earth and even beyond. He expects man to rule and reign with him under his authority and direction. Before that can happen everything as we know it will be uprooted and a new order or government will be established.

So how is it that we still have any totalitarian dictatorship form of government in existence?

A recent example of a dictatorship form of government coming onto the scene, the military high court in Egypt ruled that the last prime minister to serve under Hosni Mubarek could stay in the presidential race. What makes this ruling so significant is that they also ruled that the parliament, which is Islamist dominated, should be dissolved. What this means is that the military and the court have created a scenario where the winner of the presidential elections will take power without a sitting parliament to check his power.

Whoever this turns out to be will have considerable influence over the new parliamentary elections. And without a permanent constitution there is nothing that defines or limits his powers. Once again, Egypt will have a dictator sitting at the helm.

This is a great example of how mankind, when left to itself, eventually ends up with a god-less form of government that eventually tries to dominate its citizens.

So far there is no outcry on the streets of Egypt. Secretly the Islamists and other groups are being quiet, hoping that thier group wins the presidency while the parliament and constitutional assembly are in disarray, they could gain enormous power.

Recent developments worldwide are an indication that as a result of the relatively free flow of information through the internet societies are no longer as ignorant as they once were. People are now exchanging ideas, sharing information and forming like-minded groups that are providing the inspiration to take action that will bring about change.

The benefits of a free society are being discussed everywhere. Strong armed governments are struggling to keep their country's people in the dark and under their control. There is a hunger around the globe for governance that will lead to societies in which people prosper and are free from fear and domination of their personal lives.

Because of the sinful nature of man our world will never be able to experience this sort of life. We will always have one person or one group that operates with a "domination" mindset that leads to a dictatorship government in order to achieve its selfish objectives.

There is good news however. The bible predicts that all these governments will soon pass away. When the Messiah returns as promised he will rule and reign with righteousness and those that have submitted to him will rule and reign with him in his kingdom. We will never again have to deal with a man-made dictatorship form of government.

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