transgender problems - real or fabricated?

First it was same-sex marriages and the Supreme Court, now its transgender problems. I never thought it was this difficult to be a human being. I have to ask this question if no one else will. What exactly has spawned so many issues with human sexuality? We are at the top of the food chain and yet we appear to have so many issues with our identity that it makes you wonder if the life of a dog should be envied.

From what I've  been reading and seeing on TV transgenders, and every other member the identifies with the LGBT group, there are supposedly some real issues that the rest of us don't know about or insensitive to and need to be trained on so that we  this group so that we don't infringe on their "rights" and make them feel less than human.

FTM problems

My understanding from I've read and heard is that this group of people simply wants the world to know that they were simply born the wrong sex. Their genitalia simply doesn't match how they identify themselves. If that is true than without being outright insensitive is it safe to say that unless there is scientific evidence to support their claim then their transgender identity is simply a matter of faith, i.e.. If that's what they believe then we should accept it.

The assumption is that sexual identity exists outside the physical body. Wow! That doesn't see fair to me. It doesn't even make sense. Maybe I just need to be educated on this matter. Why would all my Chromosomes and genitalia line up to tell me and the world that I'm a guy (or gal) only for me to "think" I'm just the opposite? The vast majority of mankind comes out and functions in line with their Chromosomes and genitalia.

I would think that scientifically we could prove that either something went wrong or simply didn't finish the usual process. Why would the brain and emotions tell me I'm a woman when I'm built like a man? What I'm assuming here is that the brain has develop apart or indifferent to the Chromosomes and genitalia. Is that possible?

Questions to consider when discussing the transgender problems

Here are some reasonable questions that I discovered when doing my research.

  • Is there really a difference between sex and gender? From what I could surmise from all the articles I've read, it's accepted that sex refers to your anatomy and gender refers to what's between your ears (or in your head). When the two match you're considered a cis. When they don't you're considered a trans. Boy, talk about what they didn't cover in biology class back in the 70's.
  • What does cis mean? Okay, here is what I've come up with. When someone is cisgender it simply means that their gender reflects the genitalia they with. So, I would fit into that category, as would my wife. That leads us to the next question.
  • What is cissexism? Someone who is cissexist assumes that everyone has this same experience, and anyone who doesn't is inferior or not normal. 
  • What is reading? If you happen to meet someone new and you find yourself wondering about that persons gender and you begin to visually examine them for confirmation of what you suspect, then you're reading them. A trans wants you to accept them for what they appear to be and treat them normal rather then trying to find what's different.
  • What is stealth? In this instance you happen to be working for several years with a woman at the office. During this entire period you never suspected that this person was actually a man passing as a woman. This person is stealth.

I'm sorry, but I just had this vision of the bar scene in Star Wars where Obi- Wan uses his Jedi mind trick to convince someone of something he didn't really want to do. The Jedi mind trick isn't the focus here but rahter all the different characters in the bar, especially all the aliens with human female characteristics. That was really weird the first time I saw that scene. If I appear to be insensitive to transgender problems I don't mean to, really.

Will answering these questions regarding transgender problems with the transgenders perspective in mind really help us all to live comfortably with their state of being? Or better yet, is there an underlying issue with transgender problems we have yet to address?

No such thing as a transgender ?

how does God see transgender

You may have asked yourself already, what does this issue of transgender problems have to do with the American government system? After all, isn't that what this site is supposed to be all about - the American government? Actually, my intent is to address any and all issues that I believe may or are already impacting the nation in a way that does not bode well for it's future (in my humble opinion).

With that being said then you should already know that I approach every subject, including transgender problems, as best as I can, from a biblical perspective. 

What? The Bible addresses transgenders? Not directly. But the whole issue of who we are and why we're here is all part of this topic. What I'd like to deal with going forward is whether or not there is such a thing (sorry, person) as transgender and how the government and the church plays into all this.

Without getting deep into any theological study about transgender problems let's just cover some of the basics and I'll leave it to you to dig deeper if you'd like on your own time.

First, since I believe in the existence of God and the validity of His word, the bible, I'm going to refer to what He says in His word about his greatest creation. I want to make it clear that the intent of this publication is not to ridicule, dispense bigotry or hate towards anyone suffering from transgender problems. If anything, my intent is to shed the light on the truth, from God's word, on the condition of mankind so that we may all take a good look at where we are and where God intended for us to be.

Starting in Genesis, we read what God says about mankind, "Then God said, let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them. " Gen 1:26-27

From the very beginning God intended for man to occupy a noble and dignified position within his kingdom. He looked at his creation and was so pleased with them that he even blessed them in the next verse. God wanted the best for his greatest creation. By blessing mankind He verifies that there is nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken with them. They are living as He intended them to. In unbroken fellowship with Him.

This biblical passage confirms our creation in God's image and while calling us to be gracious and hospitable to others. As we continue to read the scriptures we see that though we were once created perfect in His image and likeness we soon were marred by the impact of sin.

Scriptures goes on to inform us that we are a spirit, with a soul living in a body, in unison and harmony. With the advent of sin things became sort of tilted. We found ourselves struggling to live up to the image of beings in the likeness of God.

We learn from scriptures that we are a spirit, with a soul, living in a body integrated harmoniously. Looking at this whole subject from this perspective we can say that the transgender identity is a signal that something is broken. There is discord between the emotional and physical self.

This brokenness does not mean that transgenders are less human and should not be loved. So what questions are we left with that really matter and can be of benefit when addressing transgender problems?

an unlikely trinity - transgenders, the church and the government

Now that we have the transgender problems front and center we need to decide what is the best way to move forward. Unfortunately the government has played too large a role and the church has not played a large enough role.

The federal government has already ruled that an Illinois school district was subjecting transgenders to stigma and different treatment by allowing them to use their gender-identified locker room if they change and shower privately. No consideration was given to the other students and the parents. This mandate was simply handed done and the district is expected to comply or lose millions of dollars in funding.

This pattern will continue much like it has for the homosexual community in spite of the rights and freedoms of others being infringed upon. The minority is now free to inflict their views and desires on the majority. There has got to a middle ground an love with dignity must be the foundation of that middle ground.

Why has the church not stepped forward and spoken out on this issue of transgender problems? Do they not have an opinion or an acceptable solution? It's at times like this that we're reminded that the governments heavy handed ways have pretty much driven the church into hiding. When pastors have spoken on social issues and their message hasn't lined up with the governments position they have been attacked and demonized. So now we have pastors standing by and saying or doing nothing.

If Jesus was able to handle the woman caught in the act of adultery, and the church is the body of Christ, why are we not seeing them act with his wisdom, power and love to address transgender problems? It was Christ who said to the believers then "greater works then these shall ye do". In that instance he was referring to the miracles he had performed. And indeed, the gospels tell us that they came rejoicing after he sent them out by two because of the the miracles the had performed in his name. Are we to believe that this is not one of those instances where the church is supposed to represent Christ?

I'll close by stating that one of the reasons we have a bloated and out of control government is because we have a shrinking and ineffective church that does not operate in the power that Christ has delegated to them now that he is seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Come on pastors, equip the saints to do the works that we are called to do and then send them out. Are we not called to make disciples of all men. What is a disciple of Jesus? Simply one who imitates Jesus. All transgenders need to see and experience Jesus. 

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