"Trump Quake! What's Next?" - part 2

by Johnny Enlow
(Santa Clarita, CA)

I believe that Gulliver in some way represents the Church, but that it specifically speaks to America's destiny. I believe that these cities will continue to be significant even in ways not seen by Bob Jones, as he looked at these cities more through the spectrum of the Church. I believe that much of America's resurrected destiny will have to do with finding inner-city solutions and that these will be forthcoming in key cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

It is not coincidental that Atlanta was the birth place of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. The giant destiny of America has to somehow rise and stand in Atlanta and that is when it becomes fully legitimate. Nashville is highlighted because an anointed music will be birthed out of Nashville that will be the sound that this Gulliver marches and dances to. Columbus is highlighted because of its name and the new discovery of the heart of America takes place as Gulliver arises. Columbus itself will model the heart of this awakened giant of destiny.

Asleep Since 1967?

This is interesting to look into because 1967 is often seen as the year the Jesus Movement began. It is also the year Israel won the 6-day war and Jerusalem once again came under Israel jurisdiction thus reawakening its destiny after a couple of millennia. How then could a sleeping giant fall asleep at this time when new significant awakenings and restorations were taking place? The Summer of Love in San Francisco took place in 1967 and MLK Jr.'s last full year was 1967.

As I stated, I believe that Gulliver represents some combination of the Church as well as America's destiny. What is it that went asleep in 1967? Perhaps we can get further insight by remembering details of the story of Gulliver. Gulliver was a cheery optimist who was a surgeon and whose first name was Lemuel – meaning "belonging to God," and is a King mentioned in Proverbs. It is the 6-inch tall Lilliputians who turn on him in mass, and while he sleeps they manage to tie him down with thousands of little ropes. The Lilliputians were a people driven by the most trivial matters, and it was the author's intention to, in satire, have them be representative of petty religion.

The Jesus Movement was the last great move of the Holy Spirit in America, but almost in mass, using petty religious treatises, the mainstream churches rejected this move of God. In doing so, they became as the Lilliputians, tying down a healing optimistic giant who then has struggled to awaken and arise until this day. In much the same way mainstream America rejected the essence of the Civil Rights Movement by finding petty disagreements with the main voices of the movement, also thus tying down that which was supposed to flourish. A move of God both in the Church and in society found itself coopted, put to sleep and tied down by pessimistic, faultfinding Lilliputians. God was awakening love on the west coast, but the east coast intellectually put it to sleep and tied it down.

Nor can it be considered just an afterthought what took place with the liberating of Jerusalem. God was giving Israel back her capital and yet the Church, with its Replacement Theology and society with its demonically distorted perspective on Middle Eastern history, found a way to tie down the awakened giant of new destiny. The Church did not get that God was awakening the giant destiny of natural Israel, and society had no grid for working things out through love, which was the cry that arose in 1967.

These two things will now be awakened to unprecedented measures as Israel's destiny and the love of the Father will begin to take center stage. It is no minor thing that Trump has stated that he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's historic capital. This is so huge that it alone could justify his becoming President of the United States.

My last comment on being asleep since 1967: it is unfortunate that historically, for lack of vision, when there is revival the task of reformation is essentially ignored as if more people getting saved is the cure all for the institutional ills of society. Gulliver ultimately represents more than revival as he was a surgeon and that speaks into reformation. It was remarkable that in 1967 and beyond there was a disconnect between the revival atmosphere spun off by the Jesus Movement and the reformation assignment of the Civil Rights Movement.

This time there can be no disconnect, and the sleeping giant of reformation cannot be put to sleep even by revival-mindedness. The expanded purpose of revival beyond the immediate harvest is to inspire those being revived to show up in society carrying the nuanced love of God designed to show up in each of the 7 mountains. To make it clearer, revival must ultimately affect government, media, economy, family, education, and arts and entertainment, and not just awake and then die asleep on the mountain of religion. In fact, when we finally learn to channel revival happenings into the other 6 mountains, revival will never sleep again.

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