"Trump Quake! What's Next?" - part 3

by Johnny Enlow
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Trump's Commission

Here is what I believe Donald Trump has been commissioned to do. First of all, he is quite on track with his often ridiculed mantra of "Let's Make America Great." While it initially sounds too self-centered and void of care for the rest of the world, it is not when properly understood. America has a great call to be a Great Samaritan nation, as well as to be a model Melting Pot for the nations. Both of those long-term calls have to be put on a general pause while the nation itself becomes strengthened. Even as a natural mother needs recovery time from birthing a baby before she prepares to birth another, our nation needs a recovery time of identity, purpose, finances, and general well-being before re-presenting herself before the world. (Photo via Donald Trump Facebook)

Some momentary "selfishness" for the sake of long-term service and generosity is needed. Part of the "selfishness" is eliminating the corruption and big money interests in government, economy, and media. The strongholds of darkness in those three mountains have been threatening our nations destiny.

Here in brief is some of what Trump is anointed and empowered to accomplish:

#1 - Upgrade Government

The way government gets upgraded is by identifying corrupted and corrupting systems, removing them, and then replacing with transparent systems. Trump is getting an eye-full from the inside out at how widespread corruption is in government. It is so corrupt that without discernment most of us are just pawns in the processes of elections. The key to discernment is to not assume you already know what is going on, but to withhold your own preference until you receive insight from the Holy Spirit.

I believe Donald Trump has the heart and the resolve to tackle and reform core issues rather than just continue the platitudes and empty promises of typical politicians.

Many things must be addressed in the Trump years. For example, criminal justice reform is huge, as is reforming our prisons, so that they truly are rehabilitation centers and not just punishment centers that turn the temporarily misbehaving into lifetime misbehaver. Our inner cities are often essentially a backwash of prison toxicity, and the assignment of "fixing" inner cities is directly tied into prison reform, sentencing reform and criminal targeting reform.

I saw a prophetic quote from the recently passed Kim Clement regarding this election that said to the effect, "I will fool the people because the man I choose will not be a praying man when he goes in, but will become one when he is there."

#2 - Upgrade the Economy

The "Cyrus anointing" being released on Trump will allow him to fix supposedly unfixable matters of our national economy, as well as heal aspects of the global economy. Though the following doesn't necessarily all equate to a healthy economy I believe that when President Trump comes into power there will be a greatly stimulated economy just by the accompanied anointing being sent on him. I believe we will see the Dow Jones go quickly to 21,000. I heard that the "bubble" doesn't have to pop but the air can be "folded" out of the bubble. I believe during his presidency that true unemployment will go down to an unheard of 3%. I say "true unemployment" because much of todays unemployment rate does not take into consideration the millions that have already given up on finding work. (Photo via Pixabay)

Trump will have a plan to Rebuild America and it will be great for jobs and great for the economy. I believe he has a goal for producing 25 million jobs in ten years and that the Lord is going to so bless it that there will end up being 30 million new jobs in 8 years. I think we will see the greatest economic boom in United States history and innovation and trade is going to explode. Against many prognostications, the USA and China will make great business deals that will positively affect both nations and the world itself.

Beyond the above mentioned upgrades, there will be the identifying of systemic weakness to our economic engine including its susceptibility to being manipulated by the traditional manipulators of world economies. These have had a curtain from behind which they have operated and that curtain must and will be systemically identified and removed with a new transparency built-in. God has been surprising even world economic manipulators with His sovereign moves, but things must be reformed for long-term solvency. The archangel of the mountain of economy has been activated for this time, and what is impossible with man will be possible with God.

#3- Upgrade the Media

The past election showed us perhaps better than ever the need for reform in media, and much change will now come of necessity for media agencies that want to survive. Beyond that, Trump will have an assignment to reform or disband the White House Press-corps who are almost in their entirety under a political agenda and are not serving the people with any kind of objectivity. The identifying and exposing of corrupting influences in media is a necessary assignment and one that this president will be courageous enough to step into. It is not entirely his assignment to reform media, but Trump will instigate and inspire reformation changes that will reverberate in everything having to do with news media. This will be the best of times for those who understand the need to bring a well-thought through Kingdom media outlet.

The Church's Role

It becomes important for the Church not to expect President Trump to accomplish all the changes that need to come. The Church must continue to work at winning the battle for the hearts and minds of men and women and seeing that as a more effective long-term answer to the moral disaster of abortions. We will know we have accomplished that goal when the nation itself demands that abortion on demand be eliminated. It is arguably defensible in only very limited instances.

The Church must also be so aware of the cultural and racial divide that presently exists in the nation and be about working to eliminate that gulf.

If I can simplify the Church's coming assignment: it is the responsibility to love. Furthermore, we must learn many more facets of love than we presently have. As my wife and I write about in "Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love" we must learn to discover what His love looks like in every sphere/mountain of society and begin to display it.

The long-term reformation of America is not just contingent on a president making political moves and creating new laws, but rather it is a vibrant, in love with God, and in love with people – Church. The Church's role stated simply is to discover what God's love looks like in every area of society and then to display that. We can no longer just be known for what we are against. This becomes our personal area of reformation and the Church is about to go through as much shaking and reconstituting as any mountain of society. We are perhaps further from our "as it is in Heaven" ideal than any sphere of society including government, so hang on there for the coming extreme makeover. (Photo via Pixabay)

Conclusion: Enjoy the Incoming Kingdom Tsunamis

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a wild and exciting ride. Everything is about to change. There will be moves and counter moves and then moves to counter that. The key is to choose ahead of time to enjoy the ride. We tend to be so observant of the enemy that we panic and overreact when we see what He is doing. If we continue that trend we will have "emergency" calls for fasting and praying at almost a continual basis. Rather than getting on that express just stay in unceasing hopeful prayer.

"Prayer" is not supposed to be just the fearful processing of troubling news. Prayer is to be faith, hope and love-inspired conversations with God. We should pray more to agree with God than to disagree with the devil. We want to remain third-heaven conscious and less second-heaven conscious. It is very often irrelevant what the enemy is concocting. For every "Mordecai's gallows" that the enemy is surreptitiously orchestrating, there will be an accompanying "Haman's noose" that it is being prepared for the enemy himself.

We must operate from a foundation of the expectation of good from God. If we have a choice between being cynical or gullible, go with gullible. That was the mark of Gulliver. It is time for outrageous Kingdom optimism. Everything will be working towards Kingdom advancement as never before in history. A protracted Era of Renaissance in the knowledge of God and His Kingdom, is upon us, and if you keep that uppermost in your own narrative you will find your personal destiny accelerated.

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