Unriddling the Radical Worldview of President Obama - Part 1


The man famously known as “America’s Mayor” made news headlines last year by asserting that President Barack Obama has been influenced by Communists since his youth.

“From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a Communist,” former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with the New York Post (Feb. 21, 2015). The man famed for his role in rebuilding New York after the 9/11 attacks and one-time Republican presidential candidate then elaborated on how Stanley Dunham, the president’s grandfather, introduced the young Barack Obama to the now-famous Communist activist back in 1970.

Later in the interview, Giuliani highlighted how President Obama had also been influenced by the teachings of socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky and Black Liberation Theology preacher Jeremiah Wright. “He doesn’t talk about America the way John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did, about America’s greatness and exceptionalism,” Giuliani continued. “He was educated by people who were critics of the U.S.”

In response to these comments, the White House press office and most of the mainstream media tried to paint Giuliani as a tragic figure—who may once have been a great man, but is now just a sidewalk lunatic. “I can tell you that it’s sad to see when somebody who has attained a certain stature and even admiration tarnishes that legacy so thoroughly,” said press secretary Josh Earnest. “There’s no element of schadenfreude that people are feeling around here. What people are feeling is sorry for Rudy Giuliani.”

It is strange, however, that political figures on both sides of the aisle dismissed Giuliani’s claims so casually. Even mainstream news anchor Tom Brokaw admitted the press never vetted candidate Obama. How can people be so sure the president wasn’t influenced by a radical leftist political ideology?

While many scoff at the notion of any connection of the president to Marxism, few have actually studied the matter for themselves. Instead, they dismiss any mention of radical leftism in Obama’s past by characterizing it as an attempt to paint the president as a KGB agent or closet Bolshevik.

President Obama’s own bestselling 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father shows that he was profoundly influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, and by many others who were at least sympathetic to Marxist ideology. Barack Obama’s ideological roots are far more radical than the general public has been led to believe. We must consider the facts of his ideological roots if we want to understand where the Obama administration is leading America!

Frank Marshall Davis

Dreams From My Father explains that, while he was a teenager living in Hawaii, Barack Obama was deeply influenced by a black poet named Frank. This “Frank” is mentioned 22 times in the book by his first name, but oddly, Obama never divulges his last name. Even more mysteriously, the book’s passages mentioning “Frank” were completely removed from the 2005 audio version of Dreams From My Father.

As a Harvard Law student, however, Mr. Obama was less shy about Frank’s full identity. In a televised reading of his autobiography, which aired on Cambridge Municipal Television in September 1995, Obama admitted it was none other than Frank Marshall Davis—a black journalist, poet and pornographer who joined the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) to become member #47544.

Davis joined the CPUSA early on in World War II and soon after hooked up with the American Peace Mobilization group, which Congress identified as “one of the most notorious and blatantly Communist fronts ever organized in this country.” Along with fellow traveler Robert Taylor, Davis worked with the American Peace Mobilization front to keep America out of the war against Nazi Germany.

In 1939, Adolf Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with Joseph Stalin, and loyal American Communists were expected to always back Stalin. After the end of the war, Davis continued supporting Stalin as editor in chief of the Chicago Star, a Communist front publication with the stated purpose of promoting a “policy of cooperation and unity between Russia and the United States.”

In his columns, Davis argued that President Harry Truman was a fascist, racist imperialist. He accused American leaders of “aching for an excuse to launch a nuclear nightmare of mass murder and extermination” against the Soviets. He urged Communist takeovers of China, Korea and Vietnam. He criticized Washington for giving West Germany to Nazi loyalists, yet claimed Stalin was pursuing “democracy” in East Germany and the Soviet bloc.


In his posthumously published memoir Livin’ the Blues, Davis admitted to working with several radical left-wing groups in Chicago between 1935 and 1948. “I worked with all kinds of groups,” he wrote. “I made no distinction between those labeled Communist, socialist or merely liberal. My sole criterion was this: ‘Are you with me in my determination to wipe out white supremacy?’”

Yet while Davis claimed to fight for racial equality, he praised Stalin’s Soviet Union as an example of a society with “equality regardless of color or race, and human dignity for all.” He never mentioned the 3.3 million people Stalin deported to concentration camps in Siberia and Central Asia between 1941 and 1949 for the crime of disagreeing with his brand of socialist economics. By some estimates, up to 43 percent of those in these resettlement camps died of disease and malnutrition.

“In short, Frank Marshall Davis’s writings were outrageous,” wrote Dr. Paul Kengor, executive director of the Center for Vision and Values. “A Jeremiah Wright sermon or Bill Ayers lecture is tame by comparison” (American Spectator, October 2012).

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Mar 30, 2016
by: Luis

Despite all the fact that are available out there it still amazes me that people have been duped into believing that it's all bias and prejudice. Yet how many of them have taken the time to read for themselves and come to their own conclusion?

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