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Receiving updated US military news reveals how its impacted by budget decisions and current administration policies and is a critical part of understanding how this country safety and power is in decline.

The last administration we can examine to appreciate how the US military budget can impact the country at large is the Reagan administration. In the years prior to the Reagan administration the military's capacity to wage war and project  American influence had been decimated. As a result the lack of fear and respect for the US led to the Iranian hostage debacle.

Reporting on US military news will involve various aspects such as technology, personnel issues, tactical issues, policy, our allies and more. We will begin by laying the foundation of spending and purpose.

us military depolying

us military budget history and myths

Since the end of World War II defense spending has never been less than 3.6 percent of GDP. During times of war spending is as much as the military can command. During World War II spending exceeded 40 percent.

In 2000 spending bottomed out at around 3.5 percent, about half the level of 1985, but began to increase rapidly after the terrorists attack of 2001. Spending had increased to 5.7 percent at the height of the war in Afghanistan. Reports reveal that spending is expected to decline to 3.8 percent by 2020.

There are some myths from US military news that need to be addressed before we deal with anything else.

Myth #1 - Sizable cuts won't affect fighting capability.

In recent years military spending has been cut by over $600 billion as part of deficit reduction efforts. Recently, Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno made it plain, "we've taken all the efficiencies we can take. Further cuts would cut directly into force structure and needed modernization." 

Myth #2 - The Pentagon has too many expensive, unneeded weapon systems.

A large number (50) of weapon systems have been scraped due to spending efficiencies that have been implemented. What we now have left is crucial to our defense capabilities. This assessment has been confirmed by our former Defense Secretary.

Myth #3 - We spend more than any other nation, so these spending cuts won't negatively impact our military.

When you are the dominant world influence you can't look at yourself as just another minor league player. In order to maintain our interests worldwide we will need to continuously spend more than any other nation, especially those who pose the greatest threat to us. Our military is indispensable to the US and global economies. Looking at dollars spent is also misleading because of the vast difference in the economies of scale. China is a prime example of this fact and if you've been keeping current with recent US military news you would know that.

is there justification for opposing any increase to military spending ?

result of defense cuts

I have found that those who are vehemently opposed to any increase in military spending will always try to point out some other aspect of our society that allegedly could be better served with a portion of those dollars. I don't discount that there are needs in our society that go unmet each year, however, most of these needs can be addressed without reducing the military budget. 

Another source of opposition in US military news tends to fall in the category of "socialist world peace enthusiasts" as I like to call them. They argue on the false premise that as long as we continue to build up our military peace will never be possible and other injustices will continue. 

All you have to do is look at incidents around the world that have developed since Obama has been in office. The basis and justification for his actions is that the reputation of the United States abroad has been damaged due to our military prowess and we need not be so bold and threatening. A kinder and gentler America is what the world needs.

Obama's idea of a kinder and gentler America is to reduce our presence around the world as much as he can while in office. Unfortunately, when you're America, you don't just excuse yourself from global affairs without consequences.

Just look at every place in the world where he has either reduced our military presence or eliminated it completely you'll see that either he has had to reassign military personnel there or one of our adversaries has filled the void. The middle east is a perfect example. We now have Russia and Germany playing the role that belongs to America. With the United States not on the scene we are left vulnerable to whatever these two countries decide. That's not a position I want to be in. 

Is the US Military Strong Enough ?

Other issues to consider

Our brave men and women who serve this country are sometimes lost in the political and social discussions that take place. In my opinion, we don't do enough or show that we care enough for them.  Too many of us despise our military. There should never be any incidents here at home of our military personnel being mistreated or disrespected.

So many of them come home from the battlefield in worse shape than when they left home. Their families are left to struggle with the aftermath by themselves for the most part. The financial as well as physical and mental hardship they live with is more than the average citizen would be willing to endure. All without any additional help for the most part.

In the same way that we honor, for example, our teachers we should honor our warriors. This honor can take many forms such as improved benefits, quality of care after any war, support to their families while they're in battle, and after they come home.

They should receive the best we have to offer in terms of equipment to defend this way of life that we enjoy. We have the greatest military the world has ever seen and yet we keep them on a "short leash" when they go into battle for the sake of political correctness. Let them do what they are trained to do better than anyone else. War is brutal, savage and ugly. Always has been, always will be.

We should not have as part of any US military news the prosecution, or even persecution of our military in the media. If something needs to be addressed, we have proper channels to handle that. The liberal media is too quick to demonize our military. Whatever happened to not showing your dirty laundry in public?

As long as men run the affairs of men there will be war. Face it. Future articles will address US military news as it develops. Please share your news with us as often as you would like.

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