What a Noble Constitution we Have

by Luis

The Constitution was based to a great extent on God's law. That is why I believe it is the most noble document ever written by a government of this world.

What a rare document it is. We received some foundational direction from Britain's Magna Carta, but Britain has no Constitution.

Our forefathers had the awesome opportunity to establish the rule of God in the wealthiest country ever. So they established a Constitution to protect all of us from the extremes of human reason. We see those extremes that they feared on display today in the renderings of the Supreme Court, the numerous Executive Actions taken by the President and so on. Tyrants, unjust judges and biased leaders were controlled by this law and that's why they want the Constitution amended to their satisfaction or done away with completely.

Our persecuted forefathers wanted their protection spelled out in detail. They had suffered intensely at the hands of tyrants. Such tribulation deepens a people's understanding about the value of freedom.

Will we have to experience indescribable tribulation before we can appreciate our freedom, which is given to us by the rule of law?

When Robert Bork was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan, it created a firestorm in Congress, and he failed to get confirmed. Shortly thereafter, he wrote "The Tempting o America", which some believe is the best book about constitutional law in a century - perhaps ever.

When Mr. Bork wrote that book in 1990, he believed America was more than halfway along in the destruction of our Constitution.

Look at what has happened in the decades since, particularly under the current presidential administration. We live today under a government and within a culture that is far more anti-law and anti-God. Our republic is in grave danger.

If the Constitution is to be changed, it should be done lawfully, by our legislative branch, or Congress - with the consent of the President, or the executive branch. Today, instead, we see lawful procedures for altering the law being routinely ignored and trampled upon by all three branches of government, especially the executive and judicial branches.

In many ways the problem started in the courts. If legislation or the President err, they are subject to the voters. But that is not true of the judicial branch. Supreme Court justices are selected for life by the President. Our forefathers designed the Constitution that way so that the Supreme Court justices would be less concerned about the people when unpopular judgments had to be made. These justices are not subject to the voters - only to Constitutional Law.

But for this system to work, they must indeed be subject to that law. Their job is to interpret the law - or better, to let the law interpret itself. They have no authority to rewrite the law. It is almost impossible to correct the error.

In America's history, one judge wanted slavery. He kept searching the Constitution to support this belief. He found the phrase "substantive due process", and he twisted these words to show that slavery was "constitutional."

It took a civil war to overturn that horrific decision. That gives you an idea of how hard it is to change what judges do. Today judges used that same reasoning - "substantive due process" - to say that abortion is constitutional. Mr Bork believed that reasoning to be a dangerous mistake.

If judges are not subject to constitutional law, they are subject to nothing and nobody.

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