what is a Government Shutdown ?

Most Americans have a misunderstanding of what is a government shutdown. The government shutdown in America that everyone was fearing has became a reality as of October 1 2013.

government shutdown

There seems to be two clear distinct camps with regard to the merits of this major event in American life and politics. One part of the camp insists that this is mere brinksmanship being played out by one political party at the expense of the American people.  That party has been called everything from anarchist to terrorists.

While others in the camp are insisting that there are real fiscal issues that must be dealt with to avoid complete and utter failure of our country and the future. This group insists that their only motive is to force the government to face up to its reckless handling of our national economy by re-examining the implementation of the Affordable Health Care act.

Will the issue of what is a government shutdown eventually lead to real reform of our nation's economy once and for all? Or will we continue to face political logjams because of ideology?

First, let's acknowledge that a prolonged shutdown will eventually bring a great deal of harm to our financial status in the world. This being said, honest people will now have to admit that if we had not mismanaged our fiscal affairs we would not have forced this scenario upon the nation as a whole. We simply can't continue to spend more money then we take in.

Our expenditures need to be re-evaluated not a party line basis but rather from a "needs-benefit" point of view. Very simply, if the expense brings about a benefit to the country as a whole then it should be considered. For example, maintaining bridges and highways is something each of us benefits from, directly or indirectly.

On the other hand guaranteeing student loans may not be providing the benefit that we all think it does. On the surface we may argue that these loans provide higher education to those who otherwise would never be able to afford it. If not for this the cycle of poverty may never be broken for many hopefuls while those who can afford the bill continue to advance creating a greater disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots".

However, the skyrocketing costs of education, public and private, continues to escalate without any attempt to examine why and  any effort to halt this escalation.

Why has no one considered eliminating the government guaranteeing these loans? Imagine what this would do to help reduce the overall expense for college. If these institutions had to face the reality that there was not an endless supply of money made available to their potential customers (students), would they continue to drive their fees even higher? Or would they reign in their costs?

Challenging the idea of what is a government shutdown

No one in government is asking the tough questions regarding these expenditures. It seems that the mentality is that we can't consider cutting these out simply because it would "hurt" the little guy, the poor, the minorities. Democrats raise this banner very quickly when Republicans even think about touching this golden calf of theirs.

Once again, if the spiraling costs were put to a halt then even the little guy could afford a college education.

One other obstacle that politicians would be afraid to address is the black caucus and it's supporters. Eliminating guaranteed college loans would be a direct attack on the black youth of America, according to them. What politician would want to be seen as uncaring about the blight of all young African-Americans? Fear of a what is a government shutdown should not side track us from making intelligent and necessary cuts.

Every entitlement program would need to be looked at strictly from a financial cost-benefit point of view. There are many ( a finger, or a limb) that may be precious to a small segment of our country  but saving the patient (America) must be the ultimate goal. If that means cutting off an arm to save the patient from gangrene then so be it. Every time a group brings stir up fear and confusion regarding what is a government shutdown it should serve as a reminder that there is more work to be done to bring down false arguments and improve our financial condition for the sake of our children.

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